New York City Your Best Tool for Learning English

Furthering your education and advancing your foundation for your future has tremendous benefits. Not only will it guarantee you a long-lasting career, but it can also fulfill you in ways beyond just your job and what you ultimately end up doing for a living. Bettering yourself will provide you with confidence you may not have known you had, and it will change the way you consume news, interact with others, and ignite change. Your story may even inspire someone else to pursue a new academic path or even to encourage someone to simply stay on the path.

TESOL program

Individuals that choose to enroll in New York Academy’s TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) program more than often decide to do so because they want to help others and inspire learning, education, and personal fulfillment. No matter the reasons these students choose to learn American English, the inspiration is almost always derived from wanting to enrich and better their own lives as well as perhaps their families’. Those that enter the TESOL program appreciate their role in this drive towards self-enrichment, and in most cases, the people in this program have been in the students’ shoes before.

This experience only helps achieve a better learning experience and ultimately, a more thorough take-away for the students in the classes.

  1. Incite change

Across the board, whether teachers are involved in TESOL or any other kind of program, educators enter this field because they want to help their students arrive at better versions of themselves. They value the wealth of knowledge that is capable of their students, and they also hope to learn about themselves in the process by engaging with their students and immersing themselves into the process. More than anything, teachers want their students to walk away with not just the tactical knowledge that comes with a classroom setting, but they want their students to walk away with patience, compassion, empathy, and a better understanding of the human emotional experience. These are only some of the reasons people enter the TESOL program at the New York Academy.

  1. Learn from one another

A common misconception about education overall is that the teacher is all-knowing, and the students will learn solely from that instructor. But part of the overall learning experience is that we, as humans, are meant to teach one another at all times. Beyond the tactical approaches to the education part of the TESOL program, as a student in the TESOL program, you’ll learn that your future students will of course learn from you, but you’ll learn from them. Each of your students will have a different background story, and you will learn and absorb each individual journey as you go along. This will help your teaching methods as you adapt your instruction to fit each learning level and each life experience.

  1. Value in your day

It’s a common occurrence for many adults to leave their career to fulfill their true passion. Some individuals may enter the work force with the ultimate goal of getting a paycheck and a steady schedule. After some time, however, some people find that they’re not emotionally fulfilled with what they’re doing. Some claim that they don’t feel that what they’re doing is making a difference in the world, and this so very often inspires people to search their soul and seek something that provides them emotional, mental, and psychological value. Those in the TESOL program will always have that fulfillment once the program is complete, as your job as an instructor will be to help these students enrich their lives with a language that will help them develop their future and their future careers. You’ll come home every day knowing that you’ve made a difference in more than one person’s life on a daily basis. It’s that value that so many are seeking, and you’ll have it right at your fingertips.

Ultimately, the TESOL program at New York Academy is designed to not only help you achieve your goals on a personal and professional level, but it is meant to truly engage and enrich the lives of your future students that come to this institution to learn and adapt their language skills. The gift you’re bringing to the table will not only settle your own soul, but it will help others reach their own goals for personal and professional development as they learn English. And truly, there’s no better gift than that!

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You guys have heard me talk plenty about how New York City is a location that certainly has no shortage of things to do. One of the benefits about living here is that you have the whole place at your fingertips, and you have all the time in the world to see and do what makes this city such a wonderfully exciting place to be. September is one of my favorite months here, and in general, just because the weather takes a break from the hot summer days, and it’s still comfortable enough to hit the town without pulling out your winter gear just yet.


If you’re in the process of learning English and trying to figure out how you can put your learned skills to use, all of these activities will allow you to practice your English listening, speaking, and reading skills in some way. This way, you can take your classroom learnings and apply it to real life – after all, that’s why you’re in this program! So gather your friends and pick out a few of these activities to check out for the month of September!

  1. Wanderlust, Sunday, September 8, 2019, Prospect Park

If you’re into wellness, yoga, or even general exercise and movement, this is the event for you. Starting with a 5K run or walk, you’ll transition into a massive 90-minute yoga class with hundreds of other attendees, and then close the experience with a huge dance party and guided meditation. This is a great opportunity for you and your friends to cleanse your bodies of negativity, maybe a day of indulgence, or even just to relax and unplug for the day. It’s all about peace and mental tranquility on this day. Given the huge attendance that this event attracts, this is a great way to meet new people and put your English skills to use. Be sure to practice your “Namaste!”

  1. Brooklyn Book Festival, Monday, September 16 – Sunday, September 22, 2019

If you’re a reader (like me!), this will really be your jam. This week’s worth of events brings together some of the most amazing current and legendary writers from across the world to talk about literature, culture, and the human experience. There are tons of things to do during this week, so this is a great opportunity for you to brush up on your English reading skills and come prepared for discussions on your favorite pieces of work, favorite writers, or to simply share some of your stories about your own experiences. It’s also a great time to mingle with other book lovers, so be open to your English-speaking skills! Everything is welcome this week, so don’t be shy! (And don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes – this event has a lot of strolling and walking around Downtown Brooklyn!)

  1. Museum Day, Saturday, September 21, 2019

One of the best parts about being in New York City is the easy access to all the wonderful museums that are timeless and attract people from all over the world. Even though we live here, however, that doesn’t mean that we frequent them as often as we’d like. But this is the day in which we should all be taking advantage – participating museums provide free entry on this day, so be sure to check out the list and design your itinerary for the day so you can hit up as many as you can. You’re certainly in for a full day of learning and cultural exposure. Given all the tours and guides, you’ll easily put your English reading and listening skills to use. Be sure to ask questions along the way so you can practice your speaking skills, too!

When September hits, you’ll notice that things seem to somewhat go back to “normal.” The kids are back in school, and the adults are done taking their summer vacations. Rush hours are full again, and the light crisp in the air might get you inspired to get excited for the upcoming fall season. For me, there’s nothing better! As I always say, there’s always something going on here in the Big Apple – all you have to do is do a little research, and you’re bound to find something that will interest you. And more than likely, you’ll find an activity that will challenge your learned English skills, and what better way to put those learned skills to use than back in the real world!

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When learning a new skill or subject, it’s pretty customary to start in the classroom. Finding out the history of a discipline is a typical introduction to your area of study so that you can get a grand idea of the evolution of your focus. From there, however, as you advance in your studies, it’s also customary to branch out into the real world to better understand real-world implementation and integration.

This is easily applicable for learning a new or foreign language. When you’re in the beginning stages of learning the basics, classroom application is the best avenue for logistics and application. As you advance in your studies, you’ll want to practice your real-world application for a better idea of where your strengths lie and how you can improve in other areas. This means it’s a great idea to immerse yourself in the real world to put your skills to use and interact with other people.

new york tesol course

If you’re considering a career in TESOL to not only enhance and perfect your English-speaking skills but also elevate your teaching abilities, there’s truly no better place than New York City to get your training. The New York English Academy is located in the heart of the Big Apple, meaning you can be exposed to expert native English speakers but be immersed in one of the largest cultural hubs in the world.

Value of the TESOL Program

If you plan on pursuing the academic track of gaining your TESOL certification, the New York English Academy organizes the program so that courses are instructed by English-speaking teachers, guaranteeing that you’ll get an organic learning experience. Plus, the program is set up so that there are different learning methods incorporated so that you can practice your skills in a variety of sets, from group work to role playing to even scavenger hunts. Everyone learns differently, so the TESOL program is designed to cater to all of those varying learning methods.

New York City is a culturally diverse place to be, with individuals from all over the world coming to experience the greatest city in the world. This means that there are hundreds of languages being poured into the neighborhood on a regular basis. When you’re out and about in the city, no matter how strong your English language skills are, it’s the perfect opportunity to put your learnings to use. You’ll likely run into others that speak a language other than English, which will also help you understand how you can communicate with your body language – which is helpful no matter where you are or what language you speak!

New York City: The World’s Melting Pot

Even if you’re still trying to perfect and polish your English skills as a member of the TESOL program, you’ll have the opportunity for PLENTY of real-world experience and application right here in New York City. Because the city itself is a huge cultural melting pot, you’ll be exposed to so many different people with endless backgrounds. Given your ability to speak at least two languages, you might be able to help others that have no English experience at all, putting your own personal English skills to use. In the process, you’ll learn about other cultures, which will help you bring those learned experiences back to your classroom both as a student and as a future educator yourself.

New York City is always different and is constantly changing. You’ll experience things that you love and things that aren’t necessarily your favorite. This aligns with the TESOL program at the New York English Academy. Because everyone learns differently and absorbs information in various ways, the program is designed to cater to all these different teaching and learning methods so that not one student is in the dark. Aligning with these experiences in New York City means that you will easily approach your eventual teaching abilities with the same flexibility and patience, allowing your students to find their own best personal method.

Why New York English Academy

American English is now the standard English dialect, moving away from UK English. With that said, learning this dialect in the heart of not only American culture but international culture means that you can take your learned skills and apply them to the biggest cultural melting pot in the world: New York City. Not only will you love your experience in the Big Apple, but your learned skills will be best put to use and you’ll thrive!

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Listen, I know I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it every year. Summer is NOT my favorite season. I like the emotional feeling of summer – feeling free, having the longer days, taking vacations, and all that good stuff. But weather wise? NOT my favorite time of the year. I’m fair-skinned, and I’ll admit, I do in fact have a low tolerance for extreme heat. So with that, I tend to get sick of the summer season pretty quickly and start looking forward to fall by the middle of July. But even then, August is the epitome of the dog days of summer. The hottest days of the season tend to fall in this month, so my biggest recommendation for you this month is to enjoy the outdoors, but also prepare for activities that will be indoors to take advantage of the air conditioning and relief from the sun.

new york summer

Because of this heat, many people tend to take their summer vacations during this month and flock to areas with beach access. The city tends to quiet down because of this, which means it’s a great opportunity for you to explore and grab your friends for ways you can practice your English skills. This month, I’m including things to do that are indoors, so if you’re anything like me, you can get through this last round of summer without feeling like you’re going to pass out.

  1. The Rolling Stones, August 1, 2019, MetLife Stadium

No matter where you call home or what language is your first, you know that The Rolling Stones are one of the most iconic musical acts of our time. Around since the 1960s, this group has evolved throughout the decades to be one of the most legendary faces of rock and roll. As these group members age through time, it might be a great idea to see them now, as we’ll never really know when their next tour will be their last. Catch them while you still can! If you can’t make the show, you can do the next best thing and listen to their full portfolio – it’s a great way to get familiar with their music AND give your English skills a true through song!

  1. New York Cocktail Expo, August 18, 2019, Long Island City, NY

As I mentioned above, there’s a spirit about summer that just means taking a load off and enjoying your time away, either from school or work. And truly, what better way to enjoy the summer than attend an event that’s all about mixed drinks?? Gather your friends for the day and arrange a ride home beforehand so you won’t have to worry about after a day of tasting and sampling new spirits and cocktails. As the most attended cocktail event in New York, you can interact with hundreds of other people from all over the city to find out what their favorite drinks are, what they learned, and their advice for making the most of your day. Be sure to hydrate and drink plenty of water this day!

  1. Color Factory, SoHo

Originally created and celebrated in San Francisco, this collaborative experience has now migrated to New York City. It’s a huge celebration of color, which will make you feel alive and excited with all of the visions. If you’re serious about your Instagram, this is a great destination for you, as you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show your followers what you’re up to in New York City. A great way to not only meet more people is to include English language hashtags in your posts so you can interact with others that experienced the exhibit and learn how they appreciated the event.

New York City is the city that never sleeps or calms down. It’s also a heat box in August, so I of course recommend always having a plan for staying indoors to escape the heat. Just as there are endless things to do outside, there are also plenty of opportunities to stay cool indoors. From museums and restaurants to expos and pop-up events, you really won’t have to worry about running out of things to do. Worst case scenario, you can also just save your money and stay indoors and catch up on your Netflix queue – what better way to get your English listening skills in! Get your friends together, and come up with a plan for the hottest month in New York City – and be sure to hydrate this month!

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Learning a language that’s not native to you can be a tedious process and can often take a considerable amount of time. Depending on your skill level and the difficulty of your second (or third or fourth or fifth!) new language, it can take weeks, months, or even years to feel comfortable with the new language. If English is your new language, there are many options for you when it comes to learning and adapting to the language, and when you’re ready, there are also many ways for you to advance your career in the discipline of foreign language learning.

tesol as a career

The New York English Academy provides a tremendous support system and an accredited certification process should you decide to go into the world of teaching English to speakers of other languages. The TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) program offered at this institution will set you up with all of the required abilities you’ll need to help others learn English in the most efficient and effective ways. The certification is required in order for you to teach the language to others, and the New York English Academy has considered all of the factors that help make the process easy for you, the instructors, and of course, your future students.

Here are the reasons why the New York English Academy is the best choice for you if you’re considering a TESOL career:

  • The global standard is shifting from British English to US English

This form of the English language at one point used to be the standard of formalities, but as American English continues to spread in popularity and usage, it has now become the basis for teaching English across the world. With the influence of American movies, music, and television, the shift has changed. New York English Academy is nestled in downtown New York City, so you’re sure to get plenty of exposure to this form of the English language.

  • The program is student-centered around communication

So much of what we learn in the classroom can be considered theory and methods, but in a teaching setting, there also needs to be a heavy emphasis on practice and application. Since you’ll be spending most of your time trying to communicate with your students, New York English Academy has set up the program so that you’ll learn these strategies with the mindset of effective and practical communication in both Japanese and American English.

  • In-class activities help retention rates

So much of learning is considering how we learn. Again, textbook lessons are great but only to a certain extent. Realistic exercises as it relates to teaching a foreign language are even better strategies to get your students involved in an experiential way beyond the books. Since the classes are structured to cater to this teaching style, you’ll learn the best strategies and activities that can help your students put their skills to use in the real world.

  • Learning lesson plans and syllabi will help you in the long-run

Despite all the creative methods out there, you’ll still need to learn how to develop lesson plans so that your teaching strategies are effective and follow the curriculum set before you. This requires organization and attention to detail, and New York English Academy will help you fine-tune these skills so your students will be able to stay on track while still learning American English.

  • Allow for dry-runs before being certified

The New York English Academy also establishes classes taught by instructors using your lesson plans so you can see just how effective your strategies are, and by being able to sit on these classes, you’ll get a first-hand glimpse into how the classes are run and conducted.

  • Thorough review processes will help you refine your skills as an instructor

With the help of your instructor, you’ll be able to review the skills that you’ve learned and discover your strengths and areas that need improvement so that you can better understand how your future classes will look and how you will instruct American English. This personalized program will help you develop the skills necessary to pursue your career in TESOL.

The New York English Academy wants you to be confident when pursuing a career in TESOL. By setting you up for success with a thorough and comprehensive program, you can be assured that your future in TESOL will be successful and effective both for you and your students right here in New York City!

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I’m sure that I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the reasons I love summers in New York City is that everyone seems to be in constant relaxation mode. The subways are lighter since more people are spending more time outside, and the mood always seems happier when the weather is warm and inviting. Don’t get me wrong – July can be an intense month when it comes to the heat and the power of the sun, so I have to stress how important it is to be safe and protect your skin. Hydrate often, and be prepared with sunscreen.

With that sad, there are always a ton of activities available in New York City in the summer, and July is no exception. With the 4th of July holiday early in the month, you might notice that traffic and general population is quite light this week, as most people disappear to other pockets of the country to celebrate the holiday. (This is another reason why I love this month in the city – it feels like I have the entire place to myself!)

Given the friendly vibe that this weather gives to people, this is a great time to put your English-speaking skills to use with those around you, whether they’re your friends or even strangers. The summer is also a time that attracts tourists from all over the world, so keep an open mind because you never know who you might meet!

restaurant week in new york

  1. Waterfront Day, July 13th

Honestly, what better way to enjoy the sun AND the water than spending some time in Manhattan’s Seaport District? With tons of activities to participate in and plenty of scenic views to remind you that you live in the greatest city in the world, you can easily spend all day in this area. Due to the increase of tropical storms and rising seas, you’ll also be able to learn about how you and your community can help to preserve the area. Pick up brochures to practice your English reading skills, check out social to see what everyone else is saying and help with the written conversation, and engage with other event-goers to find out what other activities they participated in so you can use your English-speaking skills!

  1. Ozy Fest, July 20th and 21st, Central Park

If you plan enough ahead for this one, this is a can’t-miss event. Dubbed as the most interactive New York City festival, you’ll be able to watch cooking demonstrations from well-known TV personalities, listen to some of the most popular musical acts, and be a part of many live discussions with many other famous personalities. With tons of international food options and the ability to meet tons of people, this is an opportune moment for you to practice your English skills with the hundreds of attendees around you. It’s the best of both worlds, so gather your friends and gear up for an exciting summer weekend in Central Park!

  1. Restaurant Week, July 22nd – August 16th

I’ve written about this event before, but it’s too good to not repeat. If the summer heat is dragging you down and you need some relief, this is a great opportunity for you to try out some eateries that you haven’t gotten around to trying at discounted prices. The menus will offer you options that you may not have otherwise been able to try due to your budget, so this timing is a great time to try something new. And as always, this is a great opportunity for you to practice your English skills – from reading the menu to communicating with your waiter, you’ll be able to walk away from dinner happy that you tried something new and with a sense of relief from the summer heat.

Whether summer is your favorite season or one that you prefer to spend indoors, New York City has endless options for you to take advantage of everything that the city has to offer. With tons of outdoor activities and plenty of indoor things to do to escape the heat, you’ll never be bored during the month of June. With so many people being out of town this month, you’ll definitely want to explore pockets that you haven’t seen before. Plus, you’re surrounded with plenty of opportunities to give your English skills some practice and real-world use, so keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask for help from those around you. Happy Summer!

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These days, it’s more helpful than ever to know more than just one language. As our various cultures merge more and more due to technology and the integration of social media into our everyday lives, you never know when you may come across the need to understand a foreign language. Luckily, with that very technology and advancement in communication, there are so many ways to acclimate yourself with these other cultures and diverse experiences.

Because of this, there’s also a growing interest in learning new languages from others in a classroom setting. This enables better human interaction, immersion into the very culture that holds that language originally, and the ability learn from credited experts. If you’re interested in this kind of program, the New York English Academy is one of the first to offer this course with emphasis on American English. If you’re thinking of exploring this as a future option for yourself, keep reading to find out how others have benefitted from this program and how its location in New York City can practically be a second classroom for you.

tesol teacher

  1. Combining two practices

Teaching can often be considered a two-fold occupation. Since a teacher must not only be a master of his or her specific discipline or subject, but the art of teaching must also be mastered. These days, teaching is no longer just lecturing and grading exams. Studies show that implementing other teaching and learning strategies have longer and better effects on students.

New York English Academy’s TESOL program combines both of these divisions of mastery within the curriculum. Not only will you become a master of the American English language, but the actual act of teaching will also be included in your learnings. From creating sample syllabi to holding mock lessons, you’ll be able to incorporate the unique ability to teach American English to other students.

  1. New York City as a teacher

One of the most amazing benefits of this program is its location. Nestled in the heart of downtown Manhattan, you’ll be immersed in all different kinds of cultures and backgrounds. New York City is known for being a massive melting pot, a place where people from all over the world come to live, work, and thrive. Because of this, you’ll be able to interact with thousands of people, allowing you to put your classroom skills to use in the real world. Engage with people as they’re going about their everyday lives, and you’ll be surprised at just how much you can retain without overthinking it.

On top of that, you may find that your skills and learnings might help others out. Because so many come to New York City to visit, so many will simply not be familiar with English, so if they find that you seem comfortable with the language, they might ask you for help. In this instance, this is a great way to utilize your English teaching skills with others in the real world. What better way to put those learned practices to use than in the streets of Manhattan!

  1. Practical pricing structures

Advancing your education or qualifications might make you feel uncertain as it relates to your finances and time. While the benefits of getting your certification are obvious, the means of acquiring it can often be tedious. The New York English Academy understands these trepidations, as they’ve crafted reasonable course periods and pricing structures so that your life (or your wallet) won’t be majorly disrupted.

If you’re already a teacher, they’ve designed a program over the summer to cater to your demanding schedule so that you won’t have to miss any work time, and you can complete the program in a short yet intensive two-week period. If you’re in college, there’s a program that works with your schedule as well so that your classes won’t be disrupted, and you’ll still be able to find your own personal balance.

Considering the magnitude of what is instructed in these programs and the real, hands-on experience you’ll be getting from your English-speaking professor, the programs are radically reasonable in price, meaning that your wallet won’t be taking a beating from choosing to further qualify yourself and your future.

Ultimately, choosing to look into the TESOL program at the New York English Academy can help you further your career and better advance your qualifications so you can more easily set yourself up for success. Not to mention – you’ll be living in one of the greatest cities in the world!

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There are many reasons to love New York City in the start of the summer. For me, the start of summer seems to just put everyone in a great mood, which makes my daily commutes more tolerable, the interactions with my coworkers more pleasant, and the Vitamin D from all the sunshine just generally lifts my spirits overall. The temperatures aren’t super high just yet in June, so it’s still bearable to be outside. With kids being out of school, there’s also just a level of excitement in the air, all over the city. My advice for June: get outside as much as you can while the weather is still tolerable (before it gets too hot), and enjoy the sunshine!

gay parade

While you’re out and about this month, the first official month of summer, be sure to think about ways you can put your English skills to use. Luckily, since this month tends to bring everyone out of their apartments and in the fresh air, you’ll be surrounded by plenty of opportunities to engage with other people. Here are a few things going on during the month of June for ideas on how you can not only have fun and take advantage of this amazing city but also put your English speaking skills to use.

  1. Governors Ball, Friday, May 31st – Sunday, June 2nd, Randalls Island Park

This is a pretty huge event that takes place every year, and it’s a pretty deal in New York City. As a three-day music festival, it can draw in thousands of people, so really think ahead if this is something you want to attend! While you’re there though, it’s a great experience to be around so many iconic musicians and all the other huge fans. For some unique English practice, look up some of the artists on the lineup for the event, and start learning their music. It’s a great way to not only learn more music and genres, but it’s a great way to learn some new English words and maybe you’ll even connect with other fellow fans while you’re there.

  1. Gay Pride, all of June (Gay Pride March is Sunday, June 30th)

If you haven’t noticed by now, New York City is one of the gay pride capitals of the world. Many people come to New York City just to experience the culture of openness and acceptance that the city has to offer for those that do not identify as heterosexual. Events all over the city will be held for the entire month of June to commemorate this movement, so you’ll be sure to see tons of rainbow symbols during this month. You can get involved by attending one of the many comedy shows, art exhibits, marches, and even the music festival held at Pier 97. So gather all of your supportive friends and take part in this really crucial, social movement. You can practice your English by sharing your support with members of the LGBTQ community and praising their bravery and pride.

  1. Shakespeare in the Park, through June 23rd, Central Park

This is another one of those New York City staples. Since the 1960s, this series produces free performances at the outdoor Delacorte Theater in Central Park. For the month of June, Much Ado About Nothing runs Tuesdays through Sundays at 8 pm. These events are wildly popular because not only are they outside in the summer night, but they’re free! On top of that, many noteworthy and iconic actors have taken part in these productions, so there’s almost always a great chance that you might experience a legendary performance! If you’re new to Shakespeare, this is a great chance for you to be exposed to the greatest playwright of our time. Or, you could read the play before watching it so you’ll get your English reading in as well as your English listening practice in. It’s a double win! P.S. Bring a blanket – the nights can still be pretty chilly in June!

Whether you’re looking for something low-key or something intense, you should know by now that New York City has everything to offer, no matter what you’re seeking. Also, don’t forget that the Big Apple is a huge melting pot, meaning that people from all over the world live in this great city, so there’s always an opportunity for you to put your English classroom skills to practice in the real world – and there’s no better teacher than the streets of one of the greatest cities in the world!

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By now, you’re probably enjoying the warmer weather, the sunnier days, and the ability to move around without layers of scarves and heavy jackets. I know May is definitely one of my favorite months in New York City because people tend to be happier now that the weather is just a bit more pleasant. In addition to that, people want to spend as much time as they can outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and the feel of the warm sun on their skin, so you might notice that the sidewalks are more congested and the parks just have more people there.

madison square garden

One of the best ways to practice your English is to completely immerse yourself in the real world around others that speak the language. There are so many great opportunities to do that in New York City, as so many more people are out and about this month. So I’ve compiled some of the best activities that you can take advantage of and still be able to put your learned English skills to use – all while being in the greatest city in the world!

  1. Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden, May 9

If you don’t know who Billy Joel is, I suggest you look him up. Chances are, you’ve heard of his music, as he’s been around for decades now and has made a tremendous impact on the world of rock and roll. Since 2014, Billy Joel has been a franchise of Madison Square Garden, meaning that he has agreed to perform at this venue once a month indefinitely. While this means that you can actually catch this living legend any month that you want, I decided to include it in this month’s round simply because it was time! I suggest downloading a few of his albums and practice your English by the way of music! You won’t regret it, I promise you!

  1. International Food Fest, 9th Avenue, May 18 – 19

For fifteen blocks stretching up 9th Avenue is this amazing two-day event to give you plenty to see and try. Entry into this festival is free, but I recommend bringing along some spending money because you’ll absolutely want to try all the foods available here since the tastes and bites come from all over the world. In addition to food, there’s tons of entertainment, like music, dancing, and of course, vendors. I included this event since most of you reading this come from all areas all over the world, so this is a great opportunity to get a little taste of home while you’re also learning more about other cultures – in the span of just a mile in New York City! Plus, with all these various cultures in this area, you’ll be immersed in many other languages as well, so this is your chance to not only put your English skills to use but to perhaps learn phrases from other parts of the world, too!

  1. BrunchCon, Brooklyn Expo Center, May 20

So, if you’re anything like me, you love a good, hearty brunch on an early weekend afternoon. After a few Bloody Mary’s and an excellent Eggs Benedict, my Sunday Scaries seem to just go away. So, I’m particularly excited about this event, as this is your chance to try out all the great restaurants that specialize in this in-between meal, and you can finally get the chance to try out all the dishes and drinks that you weren’t sure of before. Plus, interacting with these restaurateurs and other event-goers will give your English-speaking skills some exercise. So, put on your stretchy pants and get to this brunch event!

I really do love the month of May – it reminds me of my childhood when the end of the school year was near, and that excited feeling comes back to me every single year since. Plus, the end of May is the unofficial kick-off to summer, so there’s so much to do in this great city and plenty to see. And the best part is that so many new things continue to pop up month after month, so you’ll never be bored. Grab a group of friends and start thinking of all the things you want to do and see in the next couple of months because time will go by quickly! Don’t forget to put your English skills to use with everyone you interact with – before you know it, you’ll be speaking English without even thinking about it!

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English is one of the most commonly used languages in the world, and there are a tremendous number of programs all over the world that helps with the instruction of the language and its application. But what’s interesting is that there’s a shift happening in this discipline: instead of focusing on British English as the standard, American English is now becoming the most common dialect to learn and use.

tesol class

With the growing popularity of American pop culture, which includes movies, television, and music, more and more areas all over the world are adapting their English usage to match the American dialect. With this, it’s important to point out that New York English Academy now has this program in place for those that are interested in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about your next career move!

  1. Flexible for your schedule

Whether you’re a current college student or if you’re already a teacher, there are convenient options that will fit into your current lifestyle so you won’t have to put anything on hold. Be sure to do your research to find out which program best fits your needs as well as your schedule. You’d be surprised at how quickly you can adapt to the schedule!

  1. Hands-on approach

The American TESOL program is student-centered, so you can ensure that you’ll get the most immersive experience when it comes to learning the best practices. Additionally, the strategy behind the courses are more beyond just teaching content – there are extensive in-class theories and practices that are introduced to simultaneously cement the English language while you’re also absorbing real-world scenarios as they relate to incorporating a new language into your classroom. From role-playing and mock interviews to group work and open discussions, the criteria for learning American English is practical and immersive.

  1. Learn teaching theory

If you’re already a teacher currently, you may be used to one way of teaching your students. What’s rewarding about this American TESOL program is that it will teach you a new way to incorporate the structure of your teachings, which can include creating your syllabus, your lesson plans, and even your instructional approach. With new methods and theories coming to the market all the time, it’s always worth it to continue your own education and learn new ways to connect with your students.

  1. Learn from the best

The courses are instructed by an American university professor that specializes in TESOL, which means that you’ll be gaining real-world experience with American English, and having this expertise at your fingertips means that you can’t get any closer to the best resources available! You will also be able to utilize this professor’s background to better understand the history behind the language, its use cases, and the best ways to instruct a full class.

  1. Consider your location

There’s truly no better place to be than New York City, and since the New York English Academy is in the heart of this magical city, you can easily put your learnings to use just by stepping outside! New York City is a giant cultural melting pot, with thousands of people from all over the world residing here. With that said, you can rest easy in knowing that you will be surrounded by so many people that are also new to English and looking for ways to communicated with those around them. What better way to put your learnings to practical use that right in your backyard – or rather, your sidewalk!

The traditional classroom dynamic is changing. Instead of dry lectures and long testing periods, educational institutions are recognizing the values of having students learn from hands-on and immersive activities instead. New York English Academy is one of those academic locations that has learned the benefit of teaching its students practical and realistic ways to implement their learnings into the classroom. Since learning a second language can be difficult since communication is necessary to succeed, this is exactly why having that collaborative atmosphere is beneficial to long-term learnings and retention.

Pursuing a career in American TESOL is a tangible goal, as the program at New York English Academy is intensive yet practical and collaborative. As more and more areas all over the world are adapting their English courses to shift towards American English, you can strengthen your own hire-value by becoming certified as an American TESOL teacher. Contact the team today to get the next chapter of your career started!

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