New York City Your Best Tool for Learning English

Over the past couple of years, I’ve talked to you all about how wonderful it is living in the greatest city in the world. I’ve gone on and on about how lucky we are that we get to actually live here. Being in a tourist hotspot and in such a densely populated area, however, also comes with its disadvantages. Crime will always be slightly higher than other areas, the threat of international attacks can be ever-present, and as we’ve seen now, pandemics like the one we’re in can hurt our area more than others. As scary as all of this is, at the end of the day, I’m still proud to be a New Yorker, and I’ll never leave.

silver linings in new york

I have a lot of thoughts and worries and concerns that run through my brain amidst this pandemic. I try my best to not let them overcome me or control my way of life, and when I get particularly down or when my anxiety rises, I try this method of reminding myself of the silver linings – no matter how small they may be. Some of these may be individual, but some are on the macro level, but either way, try to find your own silver linings out of this!

  • I’m saving money

Before quarantine was ordered, I’d probably go out to eat at least once a week with friends. It might have been brunch or a happy hour or a dinner, but I’d drop precious money for this experience to bond with my friends or celebrate a milestone. One at time, those expenses didn’t make a great dent, but adding it up certainly made me alarmed. Since we’re not going out to these establishments, I’m saving precious money! And now that we all “get together” on Zoom, I still get to see them and laugh with them – without spending a dime!

  • My student loans are in a better place

I don’t know about you, but my student loans have been a huge burden to me over the years. Between drastic monthly payments, steep interest rates, and the thought about how long it’ll take me to pay them off, they have always been a source of agony for me. Now that student loan payment are deferred and interest is waived, all on my payments are going straight to the principle amount, meaning that I’m going to be able to pay them off faster. For me personally, this is a HUGE silver lining.

  • I’ve grown closer to my family

In an odd way, this pandemic has brought me closer with my family. We’re all spread out across the country, so seeing everyone in a normal world was hard enough – between coordinating busy schedules and managing different time zones, it was always an obstacle staying in touch. Now that life has forced everyone to slow down, I’ve found that we’re all talking to each other more, scheduling more FaceTime conversations and Zoom calls, and making promises to be better about visits when this is all over. In an odd way, this pandemic has reminded us all of how precious our connections are.

  • I’m more productive

On one hand, I’ve certainly been spending more time with Netflix, puzzles, and comfort food (hello, pasta and frozen pizzas), but on the other hand, I’ve found myself to be more productive. Before quarantine, I always heard myself saying, “If I just had more time, I’d be able to do that.” Well – we certainly have the time now, don’t we? I’ve organized my apartment, moved furniture around to make it more functional, and I’ve finally gotten around to putting things on my walls. I’ve catered to hobbies that have taken a backseat (reading, long-term planning, reconnecting with friends), and I’ve appreciated how I’m sleeping better, too.

Your own personal situation will determine what your own silver linings are, but I’ve found this practice to be super humbling and helpful whenever I get overwhelmed about our current environment. I’ve also seen people talk about how this is all so helpful for the earth – less people out and about polluting, less car traffic, and definitely less noise pollution. That’s one that I often think about, too – it’s the rest that Mother Earth has needed for so long!

When people are succumbing to this disease, it can be hard to find the positivity out of all of this, and it might even feel uncomfortable to look for the silver linings when others are suffering. If you need help getting through the day-to-day, it can be powerful to think about those silver linings – just a pleasant reminder of the reality that we’re still alive.

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We’re in the middle of a very uncertain time in our world, and it can be overwhelming to try and stay safe, calm, and sane when we’re being told to stay home. For those of us that are by ourselves or far away from loved ones, that isolation can be very loud. For me, I’ve been exploring all kinds of options for staying in touch and connected as well as staying in touch with myself.

stay home

When the quarantine first started, I saw it as a mini-vacation – I slept in frequently, parked myself in front of my TV for hours, and mentally checked out. After a few days of doing that, I started to feel unproductive and guilty about how I was spending my time. Before this virus came to New York City, I was always incredibly busy, wearing multiple hats of obligation and responsibility. I would often wish for a day off just to tend to personal matters. I realized that even though this virus is a scary and uncertain event, I had to be more mindful around how I was spending this time.

Even though I’m able to fulfill my job’s responsibilities remotely, I still found that my mental gymnastics were greatly reduced. I recognize that a lot of that is because I’m distracted by the anxiety of the uncertainty around this virus, but I also wasn’t doing the same things I normally was. I wasn’t interacting with people as much – obviously – and many of my activities were being cancelled. Now that we know this is going to be the norm for some time, I’ve actively decided to make sure that I’m doing something at least once a day that triggers my brain’s activities. It’s very easy to just burn a hole on your couch to make the time go by, but I’ve found these few changes have made a difference. Play word games

  • Play word games

We are very fortunate to live in a time that allows us to connect with one another virtually. Through games on our phones to board games that you can “play with others” over FaceTime, you can keep your brain active and challenged. I downloaded Scrabble Go and play with friends or strangers to keep my thinking cap on. There are tons of other “brainfood” games out there, especially now, to keep your mind juices flowing.

  • Read, read, read

I get that this is kind of a lost art these days given our extreme digital connectivity, but there’s no better time to dust off those books you’ve been meaning to crack open for some time. Not only will the stories take you to another world and distract you from current reality, but the activity itself will keep your brain much more active and checked in. If you’re looking for help or suggestions, GoodReads is a great place to get started.

  • Exercise

I get that this is a physical activity, but getting your heart rate up is proven to also stimulate your brain. If you’re feeling frustrated, nervous, or defeated, simply going for a quick job can help you clear some of that clutter and feel a bit more at ease. You’ll also be able to rest easier during the day knowing that you’ve taken care of your body.

  • Connect with friends and family

This one is probably the most paramount, and I’ve found this to be crucial when it comes to managing my health during this time. Since I live alone, the solitude is much louder than those that live with others. I’ve been calling my family members more and connecting with my friends more often to not only bridge the gap of isolation a bit, but it helps me to understand this scenario from others’ perspectives.

My sister has young children, so she worries about their health. My mom’s parents are in a nursing home on the other side of the country, so she’s worried about them. I have younger siblings in college that are now having to experience their academics away from campus. All of these unique and individualized experiences have put my own situation into perspective.

This is an uncertain time for people all around the world, and while I’m fortunate enough to be able to do my job remotely, I also recognize the impact that this is having on others, the economy, and our future as a whole. Personally, I hope you’re staying safe and calm, and remember to reach out to your loved ones.

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Winter in New York City can feel pretty brutal at times, and February can often be the worst month of them all. The days are short, and the weather characteristics are unpredictable and sometimes unbearable. You’ll be bundling up to take the trash out, and mustering the energy to leave your apartment can sometimes be a serious struggle when the temperatures don’t even hit double digits. I say this every winter, as I’m guilty of this myself, but it’s important to get outside, even in the brutal elements, because the fresh air will do you wonders, and after all – you’re in New York City! This means you’ll never run out of things to do.

If you’re trying to put your English learning to use in a practical way, these activities will help you do so. Learning beyond the classroom is one of the best ways to naturally integrate your learnings so before you know it, you can call yourself a fluent English speaker! So for the month of February, bundle up, get some hot cocoa to warm your bones, and get out there!

1.Restaurant Week, February 1 – 9

If you haven’t noticed, New York City runs several of these events throughout the year just because they’re a huge success and offers incredible visibility for business. This is a great time of year to think about expanding your horizons when it comes to different types of cuisine. If you’re unsure about trying a new restaurant or a new kind of food, this is a great time to check out the list of restaurants that participate. You can get discounted meals while having the opportunity of the restaurant selecting the menu for you. Grab your friends, and start practicing how to communicate with your server, how to special request a beverage, and of course, your verbal table manners in English. With the blustery weather, dining out this week is a great way to get out without having to endure the brutal temperatures too directly.

2.National Pizza Day, Sunday, February 9th

While this special day may not be specific to New York City alone, it’s still a day that I wanted to note because, well, pizza. Given you’re in a city that idolizes this Italian staple and that there are pizza shops on basically every corner, today is definitely worth noting and jotting down in your calendar. Many pizza shops will offer special deals on this day, so be sure to gather your friends and schedule a pizza tour so you can hit all the best spots and maybe even try a new kind of pie while you’re out. This is also a great way to brush up on your English terms for pizza toppings, so feel free to experiment!

3.Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14th

This is another “event” that isn’t necessarily dedicated to New York City, but it’s also worth including just because it’s a huge day for couples, and this year it falls on a Friday. If you’re in a romantic relationship, you should start brainstorming ideas on what to do now, as restaurants and other activities fill up fast with like-minded couples planning for the holiday. If you’re unattached and looking for something to celebrate your independence with your other single friends, you’ll also want to think ahead, as this is also another common effort in New York City. There are all sorts of deals around this city revolving around this holiday, so you definitely won’t be at a loss of ideas. They say that love is a universal language, but this holiday is also a great time to put your English learnings to use. Brush up on your love affirmations, and if you’re attached, start thinking of ways you can communicate your love to your other half.

You might feel a bit defeated this month when it comes to finding things to do and staying entertained. I know for me, it can take all of my energy just to leave my apartment if I don’t have to. But there are so many things you can do inside to stay warm and comfortable, and even if you venture for activities outside, you can just add layer after layer to your outfit so you can stay nice and toasty. New York City is known as a huge cultural melting pot, so you’ll always be able to utilize your English speaking skills with others, so get out there and stay warm!

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No matter how long you’ve been in New York City, you probably know that New York City celebrates practically everything, and we practice everything in a BIG way. That’s why when October rolls around, everything turns spooky with Halloween, and people get excited about the cooler temperatures and all the outdoor activities that come with the month of October. From pumpkin and apple picking to hayrides and haunted houses, even the most adult-like people here in the Big Apple turn into the biggest excited kids.


The great part is that everything that’s available in New York City offers you the chance to put your English language skills to practical use while you’re taking advantage of all these great activities. Be sure to gather all your friends to figure out what’s the most appealing to everyone, and get out there! Interact with other event-goers over the weekend, and find out what they’re checking out. It’s a great way to learn new social phrases, you can learn new hashtags to find out what’s trending in your area, and best of all, you’ll learn more about the city and the English language than you even imagined! While October has plenty to do thanks to the cooler temperatures and the excitement in the air, here are just a few things to check out this month – and you’ll probably see me there, too!

  1. 2nd Annual New York Pizza Festival, Saturday, October 5th – Sunday, October 6th, Crescent Avenue, Bronx

If you’ve got this weekend open, be sure to make your way to this amazing, pizza-filled event. With over 25 pizza makers in attendance (five are from Italy!), you’ll be sure to get as much pizza in your belly as possible. With tons of options available as well as drinks and entertainment, you won’t want to miss this amazing event. This is also a great time for you to test out your English skills with other event-goers, but if you have your translation app out, you also may want to add Italian to your rotation this weekend—surely you’ll be hearing a lot of Italian phrases, so this is a great way to test your skills in another language, too!

  1. New York City Wine and Food Festival, Thursday, October 10th – Sunday, October 13th, various areas in Manhattan

If you’re a foodie and looking to mingle with the best of the best in the culinary world, this is your event. This is the largest food and wine festival in New York City, with over 80 spots around the city taking part in this huge event. This event is wildly popular and attracts people from all over the world, so if you’re interested, be sure to save up and plan ahead if you want to get your money’s worth. Come prepared with some of your most common English phrases, but since there will be plates from all over the world being features, it also might just be helpful to have your translation app set to multiple languages just in case!

  1. Harvest Fest and Pumpkin Patch, Sunday, October 13th, Queens Botanical Garden

It wouldn’t be October without something to do that’s related to pumpkins! Halloween tends to take over the city for the entire month of October, but in this location, you can catch a break from the scaries and just enjoy the fresh air with the pumpkins. Take part in live music, join nature walks, and even enjoy some beer or cider in the field. It’ll give you a break from the day-to-day bustle in the city, and you’ll truly feel like it’s autumn here. Bring your friends for a day of fall, and be sure to practice your favorite English phrases about lovely weather, autumn happenings, and even questions about features the garden has to offer.

By now, you guys should know that the fall is my favorite time of the year, and there’s something so wonderful about it while in New York City. My mood is lifted, and I’m much more apt to get outdoors and experience the fresh, autumn air. Central Park is beautiful this time of year, and it’s a great opportunity for a picnic in the field or a long walk along the paths. You’ll love watching the leaves change color, and as always, the scenery is wonderfully Instagram-worthy – and what better way to practice your English than seeing what kind of clever hashtags you can include! Happy Fall, readers!

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I’m sure that I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the reasons I love summers in New York City is that everyone seems to be in constant relaxation mode. The subways are lighter since more people are spending more time outside, and the mood always seems happier when the weather is warm and inviting. Don’t get me wrong – July can be an intense month when it comes to the heat and the power of the sun, so I have to stress how important it is to be safe and protect your skin. Hydrate often, and be prepared with sunscreen.

With that sad, there are always a ton of activities available in New York City in the summer, and July is no exception. With the 4th of July holiday early in the month, you might notice that traffic and general population is quite light this week, as most people disappear to other pockets of the country to celebrate the holiday. (This is another reason why I love this month in the city – it feels like I have the entire place to myself!)

Given the friendly vibe that this weather gives to people, this is a great time to put your English-speaking skills to use with those around you, whether they’re your friends or even strangers. The summer is also a time that attracts tourists from all over the world, so keep an open mind because you never know who you might meet!

restaurant week in new york

  1. Waterfront Day, July 13th

Honestly, what better way to enjoy the sun AND the water than spending some time in Manhattan’s Seaport District? With tons of activities to participate in and plenty of scenic views to remind you that you live in the greatest city in the world, you can easily spend all day in this area. Due to the increase of tropical storms and rising seas, you’ll also be able to learn about how you and your community can help to preserve the area. Pick up brochures to practice your English reading skills, check out social to see what everyone else is saying and help with the written conversation, and engage with other event-goers to find out what other activities they participated in so you can use your English-speaking skills!

  1. Ozy Fest, July 20th and 21st, Central Park

If you plan enough ahead for this one, this is a can’t-miss event. Dubbed as the most interactive New York City festival, you’ll be able to watch cooking demonstrations from well-known TV personalities, listen to some of the most popular musical acts, and be a part of many live discussions with many other famous personalities. With tons of international food options and the ability to meet tons of people, this is an opportune moment for you to practice your English skills with the hundreds of attendees around you. It’s the best of both worlds, so gather your friends and gear up for an exciting summer weekend in Central Park!

  1. Restaurant Week, July 22nd – August 16th

I’ve written about this event before, but it’s too good to not repeat. If the summer heat is dragging you down and you need some relief, this is a great opportunity for you to try out some eateries that you haven’t gotten around to trying at discounted prices. The menus will offer you options that you may not have otherwise been able to try due to your budget, so this timing is a great time to try something new. And as always, this is a great opportunity for you to practice your English skills – from reading the menu to communicating with your waiter, you’ll be able to walk away from dinner happy that you tried something new and with a sense of relief from the summer heat.

Whether summer is your favorite season or one that you prefer to spend indoors, New York City has endless options for you to take advantage of everything that the city has to offer. With tons of outdoor activities and plenty of indoor things to do to escape the heat, you’ll never be bored during the month of June. With so many people being out of town this month, you’ll definitely want to explore pockets that you haven’t seen before. Plus, you’re surrounded with plenty of opportunities to give your English skills some practice and real-world use, so keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask for help from those around you. Happy Summer!

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April is one of my favorite months in New York City. I’ve put my winter coats and scarves into storage, I open my windows for fresh spring air, and I tend to take more walks outside to enjoy the warmer temperatures and longer days. It just generally heightens my mood. With that said, I also tend to be more socially active once these spring days roll around, meaning I’m exploring the city more and enjoying life outside my apartment more often.

If you’re new to the English language and looking to gain some real-world NYC experience with it, these activities will provide you the opportunities to practice with your friends and other New Yorkers. After all, the Big Apple is a giant cultural melting pot, meaning there are thousands in this city that speak other languages themselves, looking to enhance their own English skills. Here are a few things to do this month in New York City that will keep you entertained while you fine-tune your English.

earth day

  1. Pillow Fight, Washington Square Park, April 6th

This is a bit of a different one, and this is the first I’m hearing of this event myself, so I’m interested in finding out more about it, as I think I’ll be attending this year! Whether you choose to participate or simply watch the comedy show in front of you, it’ll surely give you plenty of entertainment for the day. Bring your own pillow or stuffed animal for some innocent fun, and you never know who you may meet while reliving your childhood, so come prepared with your best getting-to-know-you English phrases, and get ready to have some fun. What’s really cool is that this is actually an international event as well, so cities from all over the world will be participating in this on the same day, meaning you can be a part of this on an international level, too! Be sure to follow whatever hashtag they create for social media to follow all the other global events!

  1. Earth Day, April 22nd

Every year on this day, the nation comes together to pay attention to how we’re treating our environment and give back a bit to Mother Earth. Since the weather on this day is typically pleasant and warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, this is a great opportunity for you to spend some time in the many amazing parks that New York City has to offer. If you wanted to take it one step further, you can look into ways that you can volunteer to make the city a greener place by planting blooms or cleaning up your neighborhood. Many people also choose to completely turn off their devices, lowering their carbon footprint for the day. For some English practice, turn off your phone and have a picnic in the park and have some good old-fashioned conversation. You’d be surprised at how cleansing it can feel!

  1. Tribeca Film Festival, April 24th – May 5th

Every year, this festival takes place to spotlight and honor local film projects. The neighborhood during this weeklong event completely transforms to cater to those coming to the area to participate in this festival. From screenings of the movies and films to specials in area restaurants and bars, you and your friends can get a taste of current media culture right here in Tribeca. Talking about your favorites can help you practice your speaking skills, and watching the actual films can help you with your listening translation strengths. If April is a bit too rainy for your taste, another way you can honor this event is look at past film participants from prior years and hold a viewing party at your apartment.

No matter how long you’ve been in New York City or how long you’ve been practicing your English, there are endless ways to put your learnings to use. Since April is still kind of a transition month with uncertain weather patterns, it can be a bit tricky when it comes to making plans, but no matter what, you’re still in the greatest city with neverending things to do. And again, you’re surrounded with people from all over the world, so you’ll never be alone when it comes to learning English and adjusting to this great city. That’s what makes New York City one of the best places to learn and live in the world!

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February 14th of every year is Valentine’s Day, which is a holiday in which people in love will take the day to celebrate their union and loving relationship. Single people will use this day to express their love and appreciation to their friends and family members. No matter your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is a time for everyone to reflect on the value that those in their loves bring to their hearts. You might see that during this time of the year, New York City turns red and pink and covered in hearts and chocolates—it’s hard NOT to feel the love around this holiday!

new york valentine

As a resident of New York City, you have probably noticed that not everyone here is lucky enough to have loved ones or the things that show the appreciation and love of others. From those without homes to others feeling a bit lonely, Valentine’s Day can be a tough time of year for these people. It’s common for donations and giving back behaviors to take place during Thanksgiving, but it’s also important to remember that those in need are in need all year long. So if you’re looking to spread the love this year beyond your immediate circle of friends and family and your significant other, here are a few ways you can do so this Valentine’s Day in New York City. And if you’re looking to practice your English here, I’ve included ways you can do so while giving back.

  1. New York Cares

This is an organization that gathers all the ongoing events and initiatives throughout the city in which you can give back. It will help you find specific opportunities that interest you depending on your availability and location. During the month of February, staying warm is one of the primary concerns of those in need, so you can look into donating cold weather necessities, like coats, hats, boots, and gloves. Staying fed and nourished is another ongoing requirement, so you can also look into donating food to kitchens and volunteer centers. So many of these people often feel overlooked or forgotten about, especially during the times of the year when the rest of the world is caught up in their own little bubbles. So this is your chance to open your heart to those in greater need.

  1. Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

Does your living situation allow for a furry friend? If so and if you’ve got the time and dedication to take in a dog, this is another great way to share the love this Valentine’s Day. So many of these poor animals have been abused or abandoned and need a loving home. This is where you or your friends come in! You can easily spread the word via your social channels or tell others in your school about this initiative, and you’re bound to find someone that can help this cause. The greatest thing about taking in one of these animals is the love you receive back from these four-legged pups, so it’s reciprocal! Brush up on your English training terms and before you know it, you’ll have a fully trained dog on your hands. And if you’re living situation doesn’t allow dogs, you can just as easily spread the word – awareness is half the battle!

  1. The Samaritans NYC

I saved this one for last because I think this arena of attention is one in which we all need to be more educated. This prevention center focuses on mental health and battling crisis. Now more than ever, we as a society need to be better trained on mental health awareness and simply listening to those struggling and in need. This group provides emotional support for those that are suffering and need additional help, and you can become involved with this by being a volunteer. You’ll have to undergo intensive training, but once it’s complete, you’ll be more articulate about how to communicate, which of course will help your English skills as well. So many of these people that need help don’t feel that they have enough love in their heart, so this is your chance to help them fill that void. You never know just how much you’re capable of, and the same can be said of those that turn to The Samaritans; volunteering can provide mutual wholeness.

Valentine’s Day in New York City doesn’t have to be just about the loved ones in YOUR life. You can spread the love in so many other ways!

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I know I’ve told you all before how the winter in New York City can be pretty brutal. The low temperatures and the trying weather conditions can really convince you to stay inside as much as possible and hibernate, and it becomes easy to ignore all the beauty that takes place outside your apartment. The shorter days also tend to make me more tired, which also means it’s harder to convince me to bundle up and head outside. But one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2019 is to appreciate this great city even more than I already do, and that means that I need to get out there more often!

new york winter

So this post is to not only help keep you occupied for the month of February, but it’s also meant to encourage me to do the same exploring! So we’re in this together!

I’ve come up with a list of things to do this month in New York City that will also test your English speaking skills outside of the classroom. I can’t emphasize enough just how lucky you are to be in the Big Apple as you’re adjusting to a new language because as I’ve said many times before, this place is a melting pot, full of all kinds of other languages, ethnicities, and cultures, meaning that you’re quite literally surrounded by learning opportunities. So without further ado, here’s your list of things to do and see this February in New York City!

  1. New York Fashion Week; multiple locations; February 8 – February 16

If you don’t know by now, New York City is one of the most well-known and popular fashion capitols of the world. Think about all your friends that ask you questions about the fashion and style trends in the Big Apple. The biggest style magazines are headquartered in NYC, meaning that the greatest trendsetters and fashion icons are also here during this famed week. While the main event isn’t open to the general public, there are events happening related to Fashion Week all over the city. From salons organizing special events and high-end fashion boutiques holding premiere sales and opportunities, you can surely feel like you’re one of the elite during this week. Be prepared for English speakers to ask you, “Who are you wearing?” or “Where did you get that?” this week, and this is your chance to show off your English!

  1. The Westminster Kennel Club 143rd Annual Dog Show; Piers 92/94, Madison Square Garden, February 9 – February 12

If you’re a pup fan and need a little cheering up this dreary winter season, check out the events during this exciting period of time in New York City. Because this event falls so close in the calendar to the Super Bowl and it’s a “best of the best” competition, you’ll often hear this called “the Super Bowl for dogs.” You can watch on as owners and trainers show off their furry friends for the chance to win the title. Prior to the event, practice your English by doing your research on your favorite pups so you can chat up with other dog fans while you’re there. Plus, this is a great way to meet new people, so come prepared with your best social English skills.

  1. On Location Tours; all over New York City; ongoing

The weather in February will surely convince you to find activities indoors to escape the low temperatures and uncomfortable weather conditions. Since this tends to be a slower month for things to do here, I wanted to include an activity that you can take advantage of any time of the year. These tours will take you all over the city to show you where some of the most iconic television shows and movies took place. Do you have a favorite show that filmed in the Big Apple? Chances are, this group will show you spots where that show filmed! From Friends, Sex and the City, SpiderMan, Ghostbusters, and more, you can check out all the iconic spots, making you feel like part of the movie. To brush up on your English before the tour, watch a few episodes of Seinfeld or watch Men in Black to refresh your memory (and your English skills), then hop on the bus!

Listen, February is tough for all of us New Yorkers. The weather and short days keep us inside more often than out, but let’s do our best to get out there and see all that New York City has to offer—just bundle up!

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Your time at New York English Academy is setting you up for a life in the world in which technology helps us get by, communication is constant, and we’re all adjusting to new modes of speaking and lingo. If you’re thinking about advancing on to a four-year collegiate institution, congratulations! As someone that spent ten years in higher education (nerd alert!), there’s something to be said about the value that education can provide.

new york university

I also envy you all for being able to take this experience in New York City. I wasn’t brave enough to come here until I was 29, so kudos to all of you that had the courage to come here at a young age! As you probably have learned by now, New York City is a place that help you make your dreams and aspirations a reality. With so many different professions at your fingertips, there’s no better place in the country to consider your next big step.

In previous posts, I introduced you to some of the best colleges in New York City (and a few just outside the city limits) for both the humanities and the science fields. I figured it would also be helpful if I discussed a roundup of the best ESL, TESOL, and bilingual colleges in New York City so that if you’re considering a future in this discipline, this guide might help steer you in the best beginning steps. Many of these will be repeated from previous posts, so if anything, this will make it easier for you overall!

  1. New York University, Lower Manhattan

Right here in New York City, you can choose from 7 different degree programs in ESL, TESOL, and bilingual studies. You can even continue on to receive your Master’s or your Ph.D. in these disciplines should you choose to advance your studies even further.

  1. Fordham University, the Bronx

I mentioned Fordham in previous posts, so I’m excited to share this one with you again! Located in the Bronx, Fordham offers the big city location without the hustle of being in Midtown or other high-trafficked Manhattan neighborhoods. This institution only offers one program within these disciplines, but the advantage to this is that you’ll sure receive high-focused attention and dedication from your instructors due to the small community.

  1. John’s University, Queens

Similar to NYU, St. John’s offers a variety of degree programs (5 total) in ESL, TESOL, and bilingual studies. I’ve noticed that more and more people are choosing to reside in this borough due to better rents and more living space, so this might be worth checking out if you’re thinking about taking a break from the hub-bub of the city.

  1. State University of New York at New Paltz, New Paltz, NY

So New Paltz is about an hour and a half drive from the city, so depending on your means and your individual situation, this may be an option for you. The SUNY system is a great state school structure (I’m an alum from the Albany branch, so I can brag about this for hours!) that is financially reasonable and has wonderful connections and networks all over the state for you to access. If you can envision yourself being a bit outside of the city, SUNY New Paltz is a great option, as this school is public, so it offers a lot of financial relief. Keep an open mind—you never know what might work for you!

  1. Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY (Long Island)

Lastly, this is another great option for you that’s just a tad outside of the New York City limits. As another public school, you can get a bigger bang for your buck with still a high-quality education. This institution offers 3 ESL, TESOL, and bilingual programs, so you’ll still have your options without the feeling of being one of many.

Coming from New York City, you understand that you have plenty of options when it comes to continuing your education, especially once your program at the New York English Academy is complete. If you realize that you want to extend your studies into a four-year higher level education study, you have tremendous options right within your neighborhood (or perhaps a small trek!). Another benefit of continuing your education is that those within your program will also be a multi-language speaker, so you’ll walk right into a built-in community of help and additional insight. There’s no wrong way to continue your studies!

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Your education at New York English Academy is setting you up for incredible success as a speaker of more than one language. Because it’s also set in the amazing New York City, you’re practically getting a second education—for free! Being in New York City can teach you so many additional lessons, like how to budget in an environment that’s quite expensive, how to socialize and engage with others that have very different backgrounds than you, and of course, how to appreciate that the Big Apple is the land of incredible opportunities.


collegeAs you may very well know by now, thousands come to New York City to start a new life for themselves because of all the options available. As the center of life for fashion, architecture, the arts, and even literature, the city provides limitless opportunities. If you’re looking to expand your education after your time at New York English Academy with the hopes of going into the sciences, hopefully you’re considering staying in this great city to further your education. Whether you’re looking for a certificate, an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or even your PhD degree, there’s no better place to check out your options than these right here in New York City.

  1. Columbia University, Upper West Side

This is probably the largest option for you depending on your interested course of study. With 123 degree programs that specialize in Mathematics and Science, you can easily discover your passion right here in New York City. Columbia is a very well-known and prestigious academic institution, so you can rest assured that you’d be receiving a paramount education. Because this school is so enormous in both size and offerings, Columbia also has a plethora of programs designed for foreign students, so be sure to look into these set-ups so you can take advantage of everything they have to offer.

  1. Barnard College, Upper West Side

While this institution is a women’s college, you’ll still have a tremendous amount of program offerings to choose from in the Mathematics and Science fields. While it’s a bit smaller in comparison to other schools in the city, you’ll benefit from the smaller class structure and more intimate ratio of instructor to students. With 36 different programs to choose from, you can speak to an advisor to go over your options so you can feel your program is specially designed for you.

  1. New York University, Greenwich Village

This institution, located right in the heart of the trendy Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, also offers incredible options, should you choose to concentrate in the Mathematics and Sciences fields. NYU offers 65 programs with these foci. Their continuing graduation success for both the undergraduate and graduate level maintains their stellar reputation and continues to attract students from all over the world to attend.

  1. Yeshiva University, Washington Heights

Yeshiva University is a Jewish institution that offers traditional Jewish thought and studies as well as 31 diverse Mathematics and Science degree programs. While this campus is a bit of a trek at all the way up at Washington Heights, you can ensure that you can achieve a quality and premier education. With Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs available, you can easily invest your extended educational career at Yeshiva.

  1. Fordham University, Upper West Side

In the foci of Mathematics and Science, this is another experience that will offer a more intimate relationship with your instructors. As a newcomer to the English language, you can rest assured that you’ll get an in-depth education for both your academic focus as well as your English usage. Since you’ll continue to be surrounded by other English speakers, you’ll have no choice but to pick up the language even more organically.

Advancing your education after New York English Academy is a wonderful decision, and if you haven’t heard this before from your current instructors, education is a phenomenal gift you can give yourself. The easiest and best step you can take next is doing some research on your own when it comes to what you want to study, then figure out the institutions that not only offer your program but have good reviews. It’s always worth it to schedule a meeting with an advisor, as it’s their job to provide prospective students information and address any questions or concerns they may have. Also, be sure to consult the financial aid department, as there are bound to be options for you as an international student as well. Best wishes on your next chapter!

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