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It’s no secret that the winter is the most common time of the year to get sick and physically be less than your best. The dry air and cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your immune system, and on top of that, the subway, your office, and your friends and family are all battling the same germs, so everything just seems to be contagious. I tend to always get sick the first month of the year (too much eggnog? too many holiday cookies, not enough sleep?), so at least I know what to expect! We, as New Yorkers, have to be extra special careful since we spend so much of our days outside commuting and in close parameters of other people – the transfer process is so much easier in the Big Apple!

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You can easily keep going with your English practice while you’re doing your best to stay healthy during one of the most contagious times of the year. With plenty of conversation with your doctor and reading up on the latest self-care methods, you can keep your brain healthy in this way! So read on for ways to prepare for January and cold and flu season in January.

  1. Treat yourself to a spa treatment

Once upon a time, visiting a spa or a wellness center was viewed as a luxury that few could afford or indulge in. But now, we as a culture are really starting to embrace the self-care movement, and that includes making yourself an appointment at any kind of wellness center that holds your interests. From a massage parlor to Himalayan salt rooms to reiki, any treatment that can relax your body and mind is good for you. New York City can sometimes be a tough place to be, and there can be times where you feel defeated, stressed, or overworked—or maybe all three at once. You can deter the flu or a cold by simply taking care of your body, starting simply with your mind. And what better place to find these services than New York City, the place that has it all! Practice your English reading by filtering Yelp and Groupon for great recommendations and deals in your area.

  1. Meditate for mindfulness

This is another example of what I was explaining earlier: meditation used to be considered a practice for those that were a bit on the “dreamy” side. I’ve always been a very realistic and practical person, but as I got older and my responsibilities grew and my stress increased, I started to read up on the benefits. It can be difficult to turn your mind “off,” but I came to realize that whenever I was super stressed and overwhelmed, that was also when my body seemed to shut down. So I tried it. It was hard at first, but if you find the right class or guide (or in my case, the right app), you can put your mind at ease and enjoy the benefit of stillness. Since the whole idea behind meditation is silence and the essence of essentially nothing, you can instead practice your English by listening to your guide or doing research to find the best class.

  1. Prep accordingly

Sometimes catching a virus in the winter is simply inevitable and there’s nothing you can do about it. Remember: getting sick is actually essential and strengthens your immune system. So it’s not the WORST thing in the world. But if you want to do your best to avoid it anyways, follow these easy steps:

  • WATER: How often do you hear this? Whether it’s eight glasses a day or basically as much as you can, water is the easiest nutrient for you body. It’s a natural tool for flushing your system of toxins and essentially rinsing you out from anything that’s built-up. It’s helpful to always keep a bottle or a glass around you as a reminder to take a sip as often as you can.
  • SLEEP: Your body needs its rest. Each person is different, but you should know how much each night benefits your body. Without enough sleep, you might reach for another cup of coffee, which only drains you even more later on. Don’t skimp on this!
  • DIFFUSER: In the winter, the air is dry, meaning your skin and sinuses will need a little extra love. For a small investment, get a room humidifier or diffuser that will bring moisture into your living space, which will not only help you sleep, but will help you breathe easier, and you can say bye-bye to those nosebleeds!

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