Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods

Where We Start

Before you begin your studies at New York English Academy, you will be given a placement test to determine your level. This test will determine the appropriate level for you to start your ESL classes.  Once you enter the classroom, English becomes your new language.  With rare exceptions, students are required to speak English at all times while at New York English Academy.

Real-life Communication

At New York English Academy we believe in “learning by doing.” This means that students improve their English, not just by studying vocabulary or grammar from a book, but by using the language in realistic situations. Students are encouraged to discuss and exchange opinions with frequent writing and conversations about topics that are interesting and relevant to them. Each week, we then take those skills onto the street with class trips to various sights and events around New York. Students use their English skills in real world situations as teachers help correct pronunciation and improve fluency.

Your Teachers

Our instructors are all near-native and native speakers who are specifically scheduled to enhance the student experience. The faculty has decades of combined ESL teaching experience in New York City and around the world. In addition, much of our faculty have additional, specialized TEFL certificates as well as advanced degrees. Our innovative and dedicated faculty meets each week to discuss and evaluate our courses and to assure that each student receives the highest level of ESL instruction.


Writing is a high priority for New York English Academy. Each week students are given a writing assignment to be completed. Your instructor will take the time to carefully check and grade each student's assignment and offer feedback and tips to help you improve your writing.


What could be more important when navigating your new, native-English-speaking environment than having the ability to speak clearly and confidently? Extensive conversation and discussion are essential components to each class. Students at New York English Academy get lots and lots of speaking practice -- both formal and informal. Students will have the chance to practice speaking in class discussions. Each week students will be given a scored speaking assignment to keep track of their progress.


The curriculum at New York English Academy includes lots of listening exercises where students will challenge and increase their ability to understand spoken English. Through radio broadcasts, videos, songs as well as discussion with others, students at New York English Academy can expect to improve their listening skills very quickly!


Reading in English is one of the best, and most overlooked, ways of improving your English quickly. At New York English Academy students will read a variety of short articles about interesting and contemporary topics. These readings will provide new vocabulary and a way to spark conversation.

Exams and Progress

Students at New York English Academy are given an exam every third Wednesday of the month. Each student then receives a transcript the following week, indicating the previous month’s grade on the Weekly Assignments, Writing Exam, Reading Exam, Listening Exam, Speaking Exam and a final grade for the whole month. This means you will be able to track your progress as you learn more and more English!

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Field Trips! Activities!

Field trips are optional and take place after class. This is your chance to put your new English skills to use in the real world and mingle with staff and students from every level. Past trips have included festivals, sporting events, and art exhibitions. There are optional after-school trips as well!

Friendly Atmosphere

Don’t worry about a thing! The faculty and staff of New York English Academy will welcome you like family. We are comfortable and relaxed and always available to answer your questions or assist. Whatever the issue, we’ll help you adjust to and navigate New York City. We want to make sure you are making the most of your English studies. But we also want each New York English Academy student to have the best experience possible while studying abroad!