Technology advancements and innovations have allowed us to work more effectively and efficiently together than ever before – and COVID propelled us even further with our virtual capabilities and all the ways in which we can collaborate, even if we’re in different time zones. The tools we use to adapt to these changes help us work better together, which means ultimately, arriving at stronger final products, more strategic thinking, and a more optimistic outlook towards the future.

With cloud-based technology in our back pocket, this kind of collaboration is easy for educational organizations as well. While being together in one classroom certainly has its advantages, there are far more benefits from learning remotely, thanks to this technology. We can remove commuting time, stay physically safe from risk, and we ultimately save money and energy to then redirect our attention to the things that matter the most to us in our lives.

Small businesses and education organizations alike are adapting to these software systems that bring teams together to brainstorm, ideate, plan, and activate – all with ease. Here are a few that increase productivity, allow for creativity, and boast collaboration.

  • Miro

This software allows for the optimum space for students to bring all their ideas together in one place. With the same characteristics of a physical whiteboard in a classroom, Miro steps it up with easier design features, clean functionality, and supportive options that allow for positive reinforcement and encouragement. It beats its competitors when it comes to adaptability across devices, which is a crucial tool since we’re all accustomed to working essentially wherever we are, at any time. And Miro isn’t just great for collaborative projects, but it’s also helpful to keep all the appropriate stakeholders on track, as Miro aids in task management, organizational mapping, and even time management.

  • Lucidspark

This platform is a similar structure but wins in other categories against its competitors. It’s the easiest to onboard, which might be helpful if your students are younger or adapting to technology for the first time. This ease of use will make adjustment easier and encourage a softer transition into a new way of thinking. If your students are visual learners, Lucidspark is known for its innovative drawing functionality, which will help if you’re discipline is in the arts or communication fields. As your students adjust to the new platform, they’ll also realize the benefits of working in a cloud-based system and will want to expand to other cloud-based capabilities, which is something that Lucidspark excels at – your students will be able to practice their organizational skills by learning how to store information on the cloud that will translate to higher efficiencies and ease of use in the long-run.

  • Mural

Newer to the space is Mural, if you’re looking for a platform that is also probably the most cost-efficient model in the category, as they have custom packages for educational systems that are built per case, which is also ideal if you’re just getting started with this kind of technology. Mural has almost all the features that Miro and Lucidpsark have, so you’ll benefit from all the collaborative features and capabilities, but there are some elements that users are particularly fond of. The ability to create custom icons can make the experience more personalized for your students, which can aid in their engagement if they’re new to the topic. Users also really love the voting feature, which can make your students feel more connected with one another if they’re all working remotely. Mural is also compatible with in-browser, desktop, or mobile so your students can be a part of the conversation wherever they are.

Cloud-based software systems have completely changed the way in which we work and learn – it saves time, money, and efficiencies, and your workers and students can still feel connected and collaborative with their team members. We’re working faster than ever before, so ensuring that our efficiencies match that speed is imperative, and systems like Miro, Lucidspark, and Mural all help to ensure that final product is successful. Learning this technology will also keep minds active, collaboration skills refined, and excitement rejuvenated.

Productivity and efficiency are two tactics that any business or school organization needs to deliver on missions. Your employees and students must feel challenged yet supported, and they have to be seen and heard – these software systems can provide all of that while simultaneously moving forward in innovation, critical thinking, and bettering our future.

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