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Halloween at PC TECH October 30, 2014

Staff member Tamila writes about Halloween as it is celebrated in the United States:

The season of holidays has officially begun.  And I cannot be happier than I am now. What I love most is the atmosphere before a holiday and the preparation for it.  The next coming “holiday “ that is celebrated and loved by many people, especially children, is Halloween.  It has always been widely celebrated in the United States, and now it is gaining popularity all over the world.

On Halloween night, people wear different costumes, organize masquerade balls and competitions (for example, a contest for the best costume).  The main symbol of the holiday is a scary-looking pumpkin with a burning candle inside (“jack-o-lantern”).  Also, children knock on neighborhood doors and shout “Trick or Treat!”  If you want to protect yourself from these little “demons” and their possible mischief, you should give them sweets.

Here at PCTECH, we eagerly await Halloween every year.  And it is only because we want to show how the holiday is celebrated in the United States, but also to provide great memories and give an unforgettable experience to our students.  We have already decorated the school and made a plan for competitions and prizes.  So come and join us in New York City!  We promise it will be fun!


PC TECH: English Language School in New York City

While the streets of Manhattan may feel like a meeting point for everything that is modern, high tech, and new in the world, they also have a deep history made up of natural and human-made disasters, tragic stories, and continuing urban and architectural innovations. As you walk to your English classes at 80 Maiden Lane, you may be interested to know that the history behind this street, with its mix of sky-high business towers, charming shops, and inviting restaurants, is old as New York itself and includes stories about lovers, slaves, political figures and more.


English for Your Future October 28, 2014

Luana comes to PC TECH from Brazil.  She would like to share with you her thoughts about English for career advancement:

             It is no secret that today English is a very important – perhaps the most important – of all the languages.  We cannot deny that people who speak English fluently are seen by the community as a determining factor in their careers.

There are many advantages to having English as a second or third language.  Many studies conducted in countries where English is not the official language show that people who can speak English get better jobs.  The English language is now considered the most widely used language for trade agreements, travel, internet, books, magazines, and myriads of other things.

For those who wish to attain a PhD in some science, knowing English is essential.  After all, it is the language in which most science books and articles are published.

For people who like to travel, English provides the ability to communicate with anyone in any situation.

If we also compare the information on the internet, we see that there is more information in English than in any other language, regardless of your interests.

There is also the fact that speaking English at times when a county plans to organize and host large international events, and aspires to prominent positions with the world – like Brazil now – is the best guarantee of professional, academic, and personal opportunities, and enhanced possibilities for connecting and networking.

I believe that English is already a fundamentally [important] language and that in the future, its importance will only increase.  For those who speak English, there will be many opportunities.  Learning English is a matter of choice, but we cannot deny its advantages.

PC TECH English teachers are happy to help you improve your formal and informal writing and conversation skills.  In each level you will be given a weekly writing assignment so that your instructor can evaluate your progress.

 PC TECH: English Language School in New York City

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It is no secret that rent in New York City can be very expensive. At one time, Brooklyn was considered to be an affordable, trendy, though somewhat grittier alternative; but today, not even Brooklyn can escape the rising cost of rent. While housing can be expensive in many neighborhoods, there are still a variety of available options for foreign students who want to study English in Manhattan. If you are interested in renting an apartment during your time at the New York English Academy, a good alternative to living in the Big Apple is nearby Jersey City.

Jersey City from Battery Park

My Dream Vacation October 20, 2014

PC TECH English teachers are happy to help you improve your formal and informal writing and conversation skills.  In each level you will be given a weekly writing assignment so that your instructor can evaluate your progress:

Rie from Japan has written about the vacation of her dreams.  Her teacher has helped check her spelling, grammar, and syntax:

             I am planning to take a trip to Italy during next summer’s vacation.  In fact, this is a dream that I have had for a long time.

I had already bought a “Vintage Vespa”  before I graduated from high school, and I have been interested in Italy ever since.  The food, wine, leather goods, atmosphere of the cities, passionate people…everything fascinating for me!

When I arrive there, I will want to do many things.

First, I’ll go to Venice to do some sightseeing by gondola; then to Rome, to one of the most famous tourist spots [in the world]:  St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.  I would like to see the many art objects…and take a lot of photos.


            Next, there is a bargains sale called the “Saldi” twice a year, in summer and in winter.  I’ll be sure to go there; I know I could get many cute items.  At night, I’ll have a good dinner with dry white Italian wine while listening to live music.  I get really excited even just imagining that!

I hope I can [start] a romantic relationship there.  (Ha, ha! Just joking.)

Finally, I expect it would be a great vacation (which) will be good [travel] experience.

 PC TECH: English Language School in New York City

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If you spend any time in New York City during autumn, you will definitely hear the phrase “seeing the leaves change.” While you may find it to be an unchangeable certainty that comes with the colder seasons, in New York, autumn is the perfect excuse for a trip to the Hudson Valley to see some of the most impressive and inspiring autumn scenery in the United States and just about anywhere in the world. The area is so beautiful that it has received the nickname “America’s Rhineland,” being compared to the stunning stretch of land that follows the Rhine River in Germany.

Art and Literature from the Hudson Valley

During colonial times, the Hudson Valley along with its stretch of connecting rivers and canals, made a perfect location for early Dutch settlers. The first settlements were established by the beginning of the 17th century with numerous trading posts and future cities being erected in a short period of time. The area also played an important strategic role in the wars that followed, including the American Revolutionary War in the late 18th century.

However, it was in the 19th century that the Hudson Valley made a name for itself with some help by the famous writer Washington Irving, author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle, as well as the Hudson Valley River School of painters known for their landscapes of the Hudson River and its surrounding fall foliage.

Hudson Valley Activities

Currently the 150-mile stretch of stunning countryside that starts at the northern edge of Manhattan is ranked by numerous travel websites and agencies as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Having been built up over the years as a large tourist destination, there are a variety of options available depending on your interests, whether they are outdoor recreation, fine dining and local wineries, art exhibits, or a good old American road trip. If you are planning a trip, you can easily access the valley by car (2–3 hours from Manhattan) or train (Amtrak, Metro-North, and New Jersey Transit all offer routes that includes stops). There are also scheduled bus routes available with service from New York City. For more information on transportation, trip ideas, accommodations, and more, visit the Hudson Valley’s tourism website.

Autumn Vocabulary and a Copy of Rip Van Winkle

There are numerous ways an English student can enjoy the surreal beauty of the valley’s autumn scenery without ignoring his or her studies. For beginner and intermediate level students, the season offers a chance to learn English autumn vocabulary in a real-world setting, and for more advanced students, taking along a few short stories by Washington Irving provides an afternoon of light reading surrounded by the beauty of the Hudson Valley. Just one word of warning: make sure to take some warm clothes with you as temperatures can drop quite low this time of year.

If you find the history behind the Hudson River Valley to be interesting, be sure to read our article “Exploring the East Coast: Boston, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.”

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No Luck for Suchi October 15, 2014

Madchat the cat is a product of the imagination of Ernest, one of our French students.  Here are his further adventures, continued from a previous blog post:

             My name is Madchat and I live in Brooklyn.  [Here is my story.]

I was a nice sunny afternoon in September.  Oligane, E-male, Snowcat and I were sitting in the shadow of a tree in Green-Wood Cemetery.  We were waiting for [our friend] Suchi, and we were talking about everything and nothing.  Oligane was speaking to us about Catmelodie, his neighbor.  Oligane’s story made us dream and imagine a nice meeting.  Catmelodie is a thin, young, beautiful, and elegant cat.  She has big blue-green eyes, and when she slowly turned her face and threw us a glance,…then anything could happen!

But there was a problem with her:  Catmelodie has a furious temper.


            Suddenly we saw Suchi coming to us limping.  As he was [coming through] the cemetery, we saw that he had a bandage around his head.  When he came near us, we saw that one of his eyes was covered with it.

Suchi was very angry.  He was speaking [to himself] and he did a lot of gesticulating.  We looked at him.  We were between laughter and questioning.  Then E-male said to him, “Gee boy, what happened?  You look like you came out of a Vitamix Blender because you look like a smoothie!”

In fact, Suchi had gone to the dentist.  In the dentist’s waiting room, he met Catmelodie.  He tried to propose a date.  “She threw me like a wild animal! I thought she wanted to kill me!  When she had finished with me, she returned to her chair; she made as if nothing had happened.  She was like a mad dog!”  exclaimed Suchi.

Then I, Madchat, thought that relations between male and female will always be complicated!

PC TECH English teachers are happy to help you improve your formal and informal writing and conversation skills.

 PC TECH: English Language School in New York City

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The key to making quick progress when it comes to learning English is to try and make a lesson out of everyday activities; to try and constantly learn and improve yourself. It can be found in the small things, like learning a new word or knowing the right question to ask when needed. Since you will be living and studying English in New York City, there is no shortage of situations where you can use whatever you have learned in class. If you don’t know exactly where to start, here is a list of great places to begin practicing English while walking around the city.


Flu Season Is Upon Us October 9, 2014

PC TECH staff member Tamila gives us advice appropriate for the season:

Summer is gone.  No more hot sunny days, trips to the beach, thin clothes, ice cream, and air conditioners.  Even though it is not here yet, we can already feel winter coming.  Seems a little bit depressing, right?  But don’t worry; many wonderful holidays are coming up, so we are going to be too busy to count the days until next summer.  However, don’t forget about a very important thing that you should be prepared for: flu season.  Yes, it has  officially started. Recently, I became a victim of it.  I had been sick for more than a week, having a very high fever and migraine.  I went to the hospital twice, so you can imagine how serious it was.  Thankfully, I am recovering now and feeling a lot better.

So my urgent advice to you is to go and get a flu shot.  Doctors say that it give you 70% protection.  Some people are skeptical about that, since there is still a good chance to become ill; however, 70% is better than 0%.

The second piece of advice I want to give you is that when you are sick and have a high fever, don’t watch the news. Believe me, nothing is worse than watching the news about flu and having a high fever yourself.  You may start thinking that you have all the symptoms of a worse illness!


Third, take a lot of vitamins. In late autumn and throughout the winter, with less sunlight, you may lack a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin D.  So make sure you eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and – with a doctor’s advice – take supplements that boost your immune system. Also, you may want to think about exercising more. During exercise , your body releases chemicals (endorphins) that can help your level of well-being.  It also helps you to deal with stress better.

Finally, keep yourself warm (but not with alcoholic drinks).  Wear warm clothes and boots (the season of UGGs, yesss!).   Drink hot tea and a lot of water of room temperature or a little bit colder (Americans are obsessed with ice!).

Here’s to a happy, healthy winter!

PC TECH: English Language School in New York City


Afraid to Fly! October 8, 2014

Rie is an ESL student from Japan.  She has scripted a dialogue in which two engaged people are planning a dream vacation.  The students in her class then had a lot of fun taking turns performing this role-play.

PC TECH English teachers are happy to help you improve your formal and informal writing and conversation skills:

             Alexa:  Hi, Honey.  How are you doing?

Michel:  I’m pretty good.  What’s up?

A:  I’ve been thinking about our anniversary for a few days.  What are we going to do?

M:  Oh yeah, what do you want to do?

A:  Well, I’d like to go to Disneyland when the weather is fine.  I think we should book a   flight.  What do you think about it?

M:  Umm…I prefer to go somewhere else by car because driving is fun and cheaper than flying.

A:  But you know if we take the airplane, we won’t waste time.  We could be relaxed and rested.

M:  Let’s see…I’m going to check my schedule.  Oh I’m sorry, I can’t make it that day.  I’m supposed to meet my client and take him to golf.


A:  You kidding me?!  I remember that you said that you have the day off.  Don’t make excuses.  Why did you lie to me?  Is there anything you are hiding from me?

M:  Nothing!  I just don’t want to spend money on [an expensive trip].

A:  I can’t believe what you said…(sobbing)

M:  Oh, don’t cry.  I made you feel so bad….I really hate to tell you this, but I’ll tell you my secret.  Actually, I have severe claustrophobia.  You might not know people who have the same problem as I do, afraid to fly.  Even though I should have said something earlier, I couldn’t say it for shame.

A:  Are you serious?  I’m sorry to hear that.  Don’t worry, I won’t judge you.  Thank you for telling me honestly; otherwise, I would hate you in the future.

M:  Thanks.  We can still do something special?

A:  Of course!  Let’s do it.

 PC TECH: English Language School in New York City

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