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Happy New Year! December 28, 2012

Students in Level  this week have been discussing many of the issues that are currently in the news:  the “fiscal cliff” facing the US (especially the taxpayers); the many guns in America; the effects of Hurricane Sandy and other bad weather.

Often English learners confuse the American way to pronounce “can” and “can’t.”  Our Level 2 textbooks provide pronunciation exercises  – along with our class CD tracks –  so that students can detect the differences in the voice when speakers use these words.  Students and teacher create questions and answers, such as “Can you shop inexpensively on Fifth Avenue?”  The answer may be “No, you can’t” or Yes, you can.”  Most of our students actually pronounce the “t” in “can’t” better than many Americans!

Levels 1, 2, and 4 students visited Battery Park City and the World Financial Center today.  They discovered that this area is not so crowded with tourists, unlike midtown Manhattan, at the holiday season.  There are many places to take dramatic pictures of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center.  The three buildings contain many shops for fine clothes and other items (maybe a little expensive); a spectacular indoor courtyard called the “Winter Garden”, where people can relax and get out of the cold weather; cafes and little restaurants where they can buy a nice lunch or snack.


Happy New Year to everyone!


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Students in Level 2 have been talking and writing about the differences between organic and regular produce, locally-grown and well-traveled fruit and vegetables.

Class discussion brings about many opinions on the quality and expense of food to be found in New York City.  Ordinary supermarkets provide a large variety of produce from many parts of the world, but is this type of produce free of chemical preservatives?  Then there are “natural foods” stores which claim to have more healthful selections at greater expense.

Many New Yorkers shop at the Farmers’ Market in Manhattan’s Union Square to buy locally-grown produce.  Some students say that they have also found fresh, tasty items that are brought to the city from farms in Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, and Long Island.  This market sells many traditional holiday foods through December and into the new year.


New words and phrases were added to the students’ vocabulary:  local, pollute, environment, it’s worth it, in season, out of season, and many more.

It is time for the holiday break throughout the United States.  There are many foods associated with this time of year.  Students  in the various levels learn about Christmas and New Year’s gingerbread, eggnog,  caramel apples, fruit cake,  and other “comfort foods.”


PC TECH: English language school in New York City


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It may be crowded and noisy, but Rockefeller Center is a beautiful and exciting place to visit during the winter holidays in New York City.

The tallest of this group of office buildings and retail stores is 30 Rockefeller Center, often called simply “30 Rock.”

The lower level of 30 Rock has a large food court with many cuisine choices, not that expensive by midtown Manhattan standards.  Ice skating is also popular here if waiting in line is not a problem.

PC TECH students enjoyed this attraction on a beautiful sunny day.








English School in New York- PCTECH

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The World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan had been under reconstruction for several years and today, 12/12/12, marks a big step toward the completion of the first of seven office towers.

Beginning today, the top section of One World Trade Center will be installed, making it the tallest building in North America.  It is scheduled to be completed in 2014.

PC TECH students have many opportunities to visit this area of New York as they explore the city.  By subway, it is only about 20 minutes from the location of our school in midtown Manhattan.


English School in New York- PCTECH

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During the whole month of December, Columbus Circle – at the southwest corner of Central Park – hosts a large number of kiosks and shops with gifts of all kinds and a variety of foods from many cultures.  PC TECH students today strolled around the booths and, even though there was a light rain, found many things to taste and talk about.

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Students at PC TECH have many opportunities to see the Empire State Building at night. The lights change often, according to the seasons and for many special events.


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PC TECH in the winter December 4, 2012


PC TECH is located in the best part of Midtown Manhattan for beautiful lights in the holiday season, which extends from Thanksgiving Day in late November to New Year’s Day.  Even through January and February, New York continues to light up the night with colorful displays and attractions.


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