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This month for our November newsletter we asked our students to submit short writings on how they “cheers” or “toast” in their home country! In the spirit of the upcoming holidays we here at NYEA would like to say Cheers to all our students!

In my country people toast for many occasions and say a lot of words. We wish to each other health, love, success, and luck. When we raise our glasses we say “budem” which means “let it be…” – Julia Nazarova (Ukraine)

In my country, before we eat we say “bismillah” (in the name of Allah) and after we finish eating we say “alhamdulilah.” (Thank God) – Aminada Camaro (Guinea)

In China, we usually say “ganbei” before drinking. It means “cheers,” and sometimes it means that you respect someone, so you want to drink with him or her.” – Min Huang (China)

In Spain, we toast, yes, of course we do. Normally we say “tchin, tchin.” You don’t have to be clever to guess that the word comes from the sound that the glasses do when they clink. – Anna Llubera Mur (Spain)

People are likely to wish each other good health, to toast to a good business. In Algeria we always use the word “sante.” – Ahmed Menouer (Algeria)


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My dream is to work as a businessman in new technology. For that, I have decided to come to the USA for two main reasons. The first one: nowadays English is very important for my career, and the second: the USA is the most advanced country in technology. For me, NYEA is one of the best schools because of:

  1. Diversity: as New York is multicultural, in the NYEA school you can find students from different countries. So we learn more about other’s cultures and their lifestyles.

  2. Happier and helpful: Teachers are all of the administration staff are very open minded, ready to help students in any situation, and care about student’s learning. They are professional, respect their planning and schedule. Each class hasn’t many students, so the teacher can pay more attention to each student in his progress and try to find the specific way to follow him and give him the best tools to succeed.

  3. Historical: New York is known for its amazing places, so the school organizes trips every week. The goals are to discover these historical places and to improve students learning by practice to create interaction between students.

Studying in NYEA is one of my best experiences in my life and I’m pretty sure these experience will affect my career by giving me new energy and skills important to my future.

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