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Studying in NYEA really built my ability and confidence to talk more, to express myself better. I love my Business teacher Frank and Slang class teacher Katie so much, they are like my best friends in these two months of study. Besides that, I got really professional help from Business class and know how to chit-chat with Americans from Katie. I also made great friends in class. It’s a wonderful experience here.

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This past Friday marked the first field trip of 2017! Some students (and teachers!) braved the cold January day to visit McSorley’s Old Ale House in the East Village- New York City’s oldest continually operated bar! The cozy spot was the perfect location to spend the chilly winter afternoon, with it’s warm wood burning fireplace and cheap beer and snacks. McSorley’s has an incredibly interesting history, as a place where famous politicians like Abraham Lincoln as well as World War I soldiers gathered for a drink. In fact, many historical objects from the bar’s past can still be seen displayed all over its walls. The field trip provided a great opportunity for students and staff to relax after easing back into school after the holiday break. Everyone had a great time, and we’ll be sure to go back to McSorley’s again in the future.


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I wish to do my best and achieve what I want as a compensation for my labor [in learning English] and as an expression of gratitude for all my skillful instructors and NYEA. -Niran, Iraq

In 2017 I wish only one thing- I wish my life keeps being like a hurricane of events and making me happy. – Eugene, Russia

I hope 2017 will be a very good year in my life. I have a goal I want to achieve. I hope that I can learn English and after I want to go to college. – Helen, Ukraine

One thing I want to accomplish in 2017 is traveling to Seoul, Korea and Havana, Cuba because they are two wonderful places on Earth…I also want to speak a little Chinese. – Jacobo, Italy

One thing that I want to accomplish in 2017 is to improve my English as much as possible, especially my speaking because I’d like to express myself properly. It could be very useful for my job!- Eva, Spain

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