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Taking classes at New York English Academy is an excellent way to learn English quickly. We have multiple class schedules to accommodate different needs and classes are taught in English, so they are very immersive. However, if your looking to improve your English outside of the classroom, here are some tips:

Practice All Language Skills

NYEA classes cover reading, writing, listening, and speaking, so it’s important to practice all of these skills when practicing alone. To practice reading, try an English book or keep an English journal to practice writing. English music or podcasts can help improve listening skills and recording yourself speaking English can help perfect your pronunciation!

Create a Study Schedule

Studying doesn’t mean you have to sit in the library for hours a day. When it comes to learning English, consistency is key. Studying for as little as 30 minutes everyday can significantly help improve your skills. You don’t have to study all at once either. If finding time to study is overwhelming, try breaking up your study time into smaller sections, such as 10 minutes before class, 10 mins on your commute home, and 10 minutes before bed. Even if you only have 5 minutes, anything is better than nothing.

Build Your Vocabulary

Enhance your vocabulary by learning new words and phrases regularly. Keep a vocabulary journal and write down new words or words you hear often. You can practice new vocabulary by writing practice sentences or conversations.

Use a Variety of Resources

Utilizing different learning materials will expose you to diverse content and help you grasp different aspects of the language. Materials include textbooks, online resources, podcasts, videos, and language learning apps.

Review and Revise

Regularly reviewing what you’ve learned helps reinforce your knowledge. Set aside time to revise previous lessons, vocabulary, and grammar concepts. Spaced repetition techniques can be helpful for long-term retention.

We hope that you find these techniques helpful! Remember, consistency and dedication are key to improving your English skills. Keep practicing, be patient with yourself, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes—it’s all part of the learning process. 

Good luck!

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Summer has arrived in the bustling city of New York, students at New York English Academy are eagerly preparing for some well-deserved sunshine. In this blog post, we will delve into the diverse plans and aspirations of NYC students, showcasing the experiences they are looking forward to this summer.

Travel Plans

My fabulous summer plans are to travel to Brazil to see my family. My sister in Brazil just had a baby, so I’m very excited to meet my niece for the first time! It will not be summer in Brazil, but the good thing is it is always hot there. I’m saving money to take my mother to Fortaleza because it is my mother’s dream city. I miss my parents very much, but they know I’m here because it is my dream. I hope to buy the tickets next month. I will stay in Brazil for two weeks to see all my family and friends. – Amanda, Brazil

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I always plan some kind of trip to see and try something new and exciting. My friend and I want to go to Disney World in Orlando, Florida at the end of June for two days. I am looking forward to visiting this interesting place and having a lot of fun. After that, we are going to rent a car and go to Siesta Key for another two days. There are very beautiful white sand beaches there. I hope we will have a wonderful time on this trip. – Irina, Russia

This summer I will visit Italy, for the first time, for ten days with my cousin. We will go to Rome for five days to visit the cathedrals and museums and take lots of pictures. Then we will go to Venice for five days to visit the city by water taxi. We will go to restaurants to eat Italian food and taste Italian wine. We will surely go shopping. – Cladia, Republic of Congo

We are going to visit my mother-in-law in Chicago during the summer. We don’t have an exact plan of what to do yet, but it will be a nice time for all of us. – Kanna, Japan

Catching Up on Studies

I like the sea better than the mountains. In the summer, I will go to the sea near my house in Japan, so I need to buy a new swimsuit. I also must study hard for the Common Test for University Admissions. – Yuqian, China

I want to spend time with my family and friends and go for a road trip with my friends. I want to relax at the beach and plan picnics with my family. I want to learn the Swedish language also. – Farwa, Pakistan

I am planning to study this summer since I have just moved to New York. However, I already have plans for weekends, such as riding a bicycle with Uncle Jorge and attending Zumba class twice a week with Aunt Claribel. I’m ready to have fun with them and improve my English. – Rossibel, El Salvador

This summer, I am going to continue studying English in New York. Learning English at NYEA will help me a lot to get into college next year. I will also probably go to the beach to swim because I don’t have a pool, and it will be very hot. When I have time, I would also like to meet new people and make new friends at parties, festivals, and exhibitions. – Romina, Uruguay

A Day at the Beach

I want to go to Miami this summer. I like swimming, the beach, sand, and cold beer. I heard there are good parties there, so I want to go there and swim and explore the city during the day. Then, when the sun goes down, I want to party! – Erkan, Turkey

This is my first summer in New York, and I am going to enjoy it a lot. My friends and I have plans to visit several beaches in New York like Rockaway Beach, Coney Island, and Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk. I hope to visit other beaches, too. We are also planning to go to parties on weekends in the city, and visit some nearby tourist places like Philadelphia, PA, and some cities in New Jersey. It will be a great summer for us. – Sonia, Ecuador

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year, so I look forward to spending lots of days at the beach, soaking in salt water, and getting tan lines that remind me of Brazil. I’m also planning to run my first half marathon within the next few months, so my summer is going to consist of beach days after a long training run. – Emma, Brazil

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