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This post continues more  phrasal verbs that you can use when you speak and write English.  There are a lot of others that you can find in previous blog posts, and there will be yet more to be published in future posts.  We invite you to take our ESL classes at New York English Academy to learn these and many more:

“The mother said to the child, ‘Honey, please put down that vase before you break it.’”  [Place the object on the table, floor, or shelf, for example.]

“The excellent teacher never puts her students down.”  [Insults; belittles]

“Here is advice from a famous proverb: ‘Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.’”  [Postpone; delay]

“They called the emergency number and the firefighters came quickly to put out the blaze.”  [Extinguish]

“Let’s put together a surprise birthday party for the twins.” [Arrange; assemble]

“I don’t know how long I can put up with all the noise from those neighbors.” [Tolerate]


“Kids, you will need to put on your best clothes to go to Aunt Christina’s wedding.” [Wear]

“He will get in trouble with the law if he continues to run around with the people in that gang.”  [Associate with]

“The bear ran away when the campers made a lot of noise.”  [Escaped; left quickly]

“You will never guess who I ran into in Times Square yesterday!  It was our boss!” [Meet by surprise]

“You should not be texting while you are crossing the busy street; you could be run over by a bus!” [Struck, usually by a vehicle]

“We will run over [or run through] that material before you take the exam” [Review]

“I will have to go to the supermarket before I run out of milk.” [Have no more]

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A Couple of Offbeat Jobs August 20, 2015

New York English Academy’s  instructors will help you improve your English skills in every area: speaking, listening, spelling, punctuation, grammar, reading, and – perhaps the most challenging of all – writing!

A student has used her imagination to relate to us her thoughts on “offbeat” jobs she might consider:

I like cooking some traditional dishes; it’s my hobby.  I can tell that [being a chef would be] an offbeat job for me.  The process of cooking is relaxing and interesting for me.  I always try to learn some new dishes and then I [prepare] them.

Last weekend, I learned to prepare the taco.  This dish is from Mexico and it is wonderful!

Another offbeat job for me [would be] archaeology.  When I was a child, I wanted to become an archaeologist.  I like this profession.  An archaeologist looks for something new from the past.  This is very interesting to me.

I am a lawyer and I can say that sometimes my [career] is an offbeat job.  My job is diverse and I like my profession.


Another student  has her own web design business, yet she can imagine a number of wide-ranging occupations that could interest her.  This is her contribution:

Life is short.  It’s very difficult for me to be engaged in a job; I want to do everything!  I like traveling, so I would like to be an [airline attendant], tour guide, international journalist.  I love art, so I would like to be a painter, singer, dancer…  I’m creative, so I would like to be a designer, architect…  I like thrills, so I would like to join the army, be a [fire-fighter], secret agent…  I am passionate about life and I think everything is extraordinary.  It’s why I have my own company…I like to do [many] things: sell, create, give advice.  I like the effort to get good results.  That’s why I came to NYC.

For me, who have always been protected by my family, my boyfriend, my friends.  Traveling alone in a new country, with new people and a new language, was the hardest challenge…

We must all live our dreams!

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More Phrasal Verbs August 13, 2015

This post continues the list of  phrasal verbs that you can use when you speak and write English.  There are  many more that you can find in previous blog posts, and there will be yet more to be published in future posts.  We invite you to take our ESL classes at New York English Academy to learn these and many more:

“Would you please look over my report to see if everything is accurate?”  [Examine lightly]

“I want to look up information about the United States soccer (football) team to find out if they have ever won a World Cup.”  [Research]

“She looks up to her grandmother to receive good advice.”  [Gives respect to]

“He made up an excuse when the boss asked him why he was late for work.”  [Invented]

“We were all mixed up after they gave us the wrong directions to get to Times Square” [Confused]

“His aunt and uncle passed away many years ago.” [Died; also, passed on]


“He passed out when they told him that he had won $10,000,000 in the lottery.” [Temporarily lost consciousness; fainted]

“The teacher requested that a student pass out the quiz papers to the class.” [Distribute]

“Please don’t pass up the opportunity to study English at PC TECH in New York City.” [Miss]

“I will lend you $10 for the taxi fare; you can pay me back tomorrow.” [Return something, usually money]

“They will pay for all the crimes they have committed.” [Be punished]

“Her mother took her shopping last week so she could pick out a nice birthday gift for her friend.” [Choose]

“Please point out the location of your city on the map.” [Indicate, often with the index finger]

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Flying High August 5, 2015

Take an English language (ESL) course at New York English Academy and you will increase your communications skills along with your writing style.  Your teachers will help you improve your sentence and paragraph structure, grammar, and punctuation.

A recent student from Italy has written down her thoughts of becoming a trapeze artist in a circus, such a very different career from that of architect, her current occupation!  Here is her writing, lightly edited by her teacher.

If I have to choose an offbeat job, I’d like to be a trapeze artist.  [She uses the term “trapezist.” —editor].   I know, it is a strange job for many people, but I think it is very fascinating.  When I was fifteen years old, I did it for a few months, but only as a joke with my friends.  While I was clinging to the trapeze, I was very happy because I was feeling good and free.  My “career” ended because I am too heavy and I don’t have enough skills for it.  It is hard work because it is like a sport: you have to dedicate a lot of hours every day to improve yourself.  It is dangerous because it is practiced ten meters above the ground.  I think it is a very creative job; to do it, you are an artist!  The salary is not high is not high, but there isn’t a price [to be put on] the feeling you get when you fly from trapeze to trapeze.  It’s amazing!


By the way, it is only a fantasy of my mind because I’m an architect.  At this moment, I’m out of work.  Sometimes, when I have a bad day and I don’t have a [reply] from companies, I like to close my eyes and think about myself on the trapeze!

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