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This year’s Halloween Party was a TOTAL blast!! Everyone had an amazing time dressing up, eating pizza, and enjoying a costume competition.

We had a very tight race between 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winners in the costume competition.

Catherine, won first place prize of a $50 gift card for her extra creepy costume “the murderous bride.” Not only was her costume creative but her presentation of her character really made it believable. Excellent job!!
 Yuka won the second place prize, a $25 gift card for her super cute costume, “cat butterfly.” Yuka truly has an artistic expression in her costume and in her presentation of her “catterfly.”
Junko won the third place prize, a $15 gift card for her awesome “runner from Japan going to the Olympics” costume. Since Junko is a runner in real life she wanted to share with us her passion and invite us all to the Japanese Summer Olympics!
Our honorable mention was Melanie with her sporty costume a “Jet’s football player.” Melanie was excited to tell us how she really loves American Football and since living in New York City she has become a HUGE Jet’s fan!! Go Melanie!

Everyone is already thinking about what they are going to dress up as for next years party! Thanks to all the students and teachers who really made this year a spooky fun time! Stay tuned for upcoming events for November. Be sure to check out our calendar events on our website and on our Facebook page.

Happy Halloween from the NYEA family! BOO!  

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NYEA Halloween Party ! October 28, 2016

Trick or treating just doesn’t cut it once you reach a certain age. Halloween is a great time of year , and of course we hosted a party for our students to award the best 3 costumes with prizes , Here are some pictures of the party !!


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Why did you decide to study in English in NYC?

My study is “structural health monitoring.” [A professor] at Columbia University also researches “SHM.” I want [her] to give me some advice about my research. So, I decided to go to Columbia University and my English skill is poor, so I want to improve my English skills. So, I came to NYEA. That is my reason.

How will studying English at NYEA help you in your future career?

If I am able to improve my English skills, I want to communicate with a lot of people. For example, I want to tell people all over the world Japan is beautiful and to design theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios in the future.

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“…to dream about a monkey. This dream has two significations, the first is that you have many enemies…some other people say that you will die…the only way to escape this is to make a gift to a poor person.”Bassirou, Niger

“In my country, when people hear the dog howls that means someone will die…the dog sees witches.”Aminata, Guinea

“..if we smell incense at night without lighting it, it means that a soul of a deceased family member comes to visit us.”Siriwan, Thailand

“…another common superstition is clean the room to welcome positive change but the funniest superstition is wear yellow underwear to encourage wealth.”Diana, Colombia

“When you want to give others a gift, you musn’t send clock, umbrella, [or] watch.”Liz, China

“The Maneki Neko, it is an ornament of a cat. If you want to manage a shop, you should display this ornament…”Junko, Japan

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