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A Hotel and a Blizzard February 8, 2013

The Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue in New York City is one of the most famous hotels in the world.  On a recent visit, PC TECH students were amazed at how many world leaders and entertainment personalities have stayed there over the years.  An exquisite four-faced clock is the centerpiece of the main lobby.  Engravings of Queen Victoria, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and several other U. S. presidents  are mounted on the clock pedestal.

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Students’ winter vocabulary has been increased because of the big storm that is about to hit New York and all of the northeastern United States this weekend:

A blizzard has heavy snow and very high winds.

A snowstorm can have a large amount of snow but with lower wind velocity.

A snow shower is a quick burst of snow lasting for only a few minutes; a snow squall is similar but often with more wind.

Sleet consists of ice crystals whereas frozen rain mixes the crystals with rain.

Black ice on streets and sidewalks makes walking and driving treacherous because it is difficult to see.

Making for a messy walk, slush is a mixture of melting snow and water on the ground.

                                  PC TECH: English Language School in New York City

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Careers and Jobs February 6, 2013

An interesting discussion often arises when students are asked in what city they would want to live if they had to move, for example, to get a good job.  If they could get the proper visas, many choose New York City – no surprise here! – or other places like Miami, Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans  – even Portland, Oregon.  Favorite cities in other parts of the world are Paris, Rome, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Montreal, and a number of others.

An effective job search requires an honest assessment of one’ skills, desired job settings or environment, and the rewards that are offered.

Among skills that are important are working well with people, computer literacy, understanding how people interact.

Work environment can include indoors/outdoors, office positions, city/suburbs/countryside.

Job rewards result from a decent living wage, medical benefits, retirement, getting to know people, seeing people learn.

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Depending on an English learner’s first language, descriptive adjectives are not difficult to form.  There is no singular and plural spelling, and masculine/feminine/neuter gender remain the same:  for example, tasty hot dog – tasty hot dogs, friendly man, friendly woman, friendly child, friendly restaurant.  The same convenience applies to possessive adjectives:  his job/her job/their job/his jobs/her jobs/their jobs.

See, English is not always so difficult!

PC TECH: English Language School in New York City

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One of the most famous buildings in the world – and surely the most famous railroad station – was opened on February 2, 1913.  We at PC TECH are very fortunate in that we are almost next-door neighbors (only little Vanderbilt Avenue separates our buildings).   There is a direct connection with Grand Central Terminal through an underground concourse so that it is easy to come to class from the MetroNorth train or from any subway line in New York City.

A year of celebration began on Friday, February 1, with band performances, celebrity visits, and a real treat: a number of food items sold at 1913 prices, including 5¢ coffee!  The only problem was the long lines waiting for these bargain snacks.

Throughout this year there will be many events commemorating the Terminal’s anniversary.

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Many popular expressions with English learners include phrasal verbs; for example…

The train broke down before it reached Grand Central.

It’s difficult to calm down after walking through the large crowd.

Do you want to get away for the weekend?

Grand Central will kick off the big celebration with a special ceremony.

PC TECH: English Language School in New York City

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