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For the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York English Academy recently hosted an international food party! For this event, students, teachers and faculty came together for an afternoon of food and fun.  Starting at 11 am, Friday students began arranging their dishes in the break room. Since we had such an abundant spread, the neighboring classroom was converted into a dessert buffet! The food shared was delicious and diverse, with options like Indian samosas, Italian ravioli, beef and cheese empanadas, and yuca fries. Desserts were just as exciting. Students had brought Tango, a snack cake from Peru, and baklava, a flaky pastry common in Turkish, Iranian and Arab cuisines. We had a fair share of American staples as well, such as New York pizza and cupcakes. Food parties are not only delicious fun, but also a great way to learn about other countries and cultures. Students were excited to share their home country’s food just as their classmates were excited to try it and learn more. A benefit of studying with classmates from around the world is using English as a common language. This way, students get more conversation practice and strengthen their skills and confidence. The expression “Teamwork makes the dream work” was especially true when it came to cleaning up. Everyone did their part to make sure no trash was left in the break room and no food had to be thrown away! Students and teachers instead took home leftovers from around the world. NYEA’s first party of 2023 was a great success and we cannot wait to make it a tradition.

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Visit Outdoor Art Around the City

Seeing art in NYC is not limited to museums. The city is full of free outdoor art across all 5 boroughs. From sculpture to murals, there is something for everyone! In Manhattan, well-known spots like the High Line and Central Park are great places to view sculptures and mosaics while taking a walk. In Brooklyn, there is Cadman Plaza and Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens. For art recommendations, read through the article here:

Try New Foods at the 9th Ave International Food Festival

The 9th Avenue Food Festival is one of New York’s largest and oldest traditions, and it’s a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity through food. The fair offers both traditional festival treats like zeppolis, mozzarepas, funnel cakes, egg creams, and more fabulous food you won’t see at any other festival. Here you’ll also find Argentinian, Brazilian, Cajun, Cuban, Dominican, Ethiopian, Greek, Haitian, Irish, Moroccan, Ukrainian, and many other kinds of cuisine. The festival will be running May 20th and 21st. 

Rent a Bike 

Unlimited Biking opened its doors in 2010 in New York City and believe that the best way to experience a city like a local is by bike! With locations near various NYC landmarks such as Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge. Renters can travel through the city and engage the local community on a guided or self-guided bike ride. Unlimited Biking delivers a unique sightseeing opportunity for families, couples, friends, and solo travelers. Find out more here:

Celebrate National Burger Day

International Burger Day is celebrated on May 28 annually. Burgers are one of the most popular foods in the world as they are easy to make, inexpensive, and tasty. To celebrate, try visiting a local burger spot in your neighborhood or test an interesting burger recipe!

See the 17th Annual Dance Parade

New York’s beloved and joyous Dance Parade returns to the streets Saturday May 20, 2023 celebrating its 17th year with 10,000 dancers featuring over 100 unique styles of dance, live bands, and DJs. Over 100 unique styles of dance will perform down Avenue of Americas, parade across West 8th Street, perform before the Grand Stand at St. Marks Place before reaching Tompkins Square Park.

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