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For lots of English language learners, getting a high score on an English proficiency exam is an important goal. Not only are tests such as the TOEFL or IELTS required for admissions at many American universities, but they are also a great way to measure your English knowledge and set clear study goals. If you were planning to take and English proficiency exam, here are some tips to help you in your studies:

Take an English Class

Taking classes at New York English Academy is a great way to quickly expand your knowledge of English. First, NYEA classes are extremely immersive since they are taught in English and with students from around the world, using English is essential to communicate. Additionally, classes will reinforce grammar basics, making it easier to learn more complicated grammar structures. 

Change Your Smartphone’s Language to English

Many of us use our phones frequently throughout the day, so translating the language to English will increase your exposure without you even realizing it. It may feel strange at first but you’ll be surprised by how quickly you get used to it and how many new words you pick up.

Keep a Journal in English

As you study, an English journal is a great way to track your progress. You can keep a diary, write short stories, or just jot down new words or practice sentences. Writing things down has been proven to make memory more effective so rewriting concepts you struggle with can significantly help.    

Watch English TV

Listening comprehension will also be tested on most English exams, and TV shows and films add an extra element of cultural context that is key to learning a new language. Challenge yourself by watching without subtitles in your native language. If you’re really struggling, turn on subtitles in English to help and improve your reading comprehension.

Did You Know?

Admission into a college in the United States usually requires a high score on tests like TOEFL or IELTS to prove English ability. But thanks to a unique partnership between New York English Academy and Saint Francis College, students who complete Level 4 at NYEA are exempt from the test requirement when applying to SFC. You can read more about our partnership here:

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NYC Art Galleries August 23, 2023

New York City is a treasure trove of artistic and cultural experiences. If you’re craving a blend of classic art, vibrant blooms, and contemporary installations, then check out the spots NYEA students visited: the Salmagundi Club, Macy’s Flower Show, and the NYC Yayoi Kusama exhibitions.

Salmagundi Club

Nestled in the heart of Greenwich Village, the Salmagundi Club is a haven for art aficionados. Established in 1871, this historic club has nurtured countless artists and their creative expressions. Its galleries proudly display a diverse array of artworks, ranging from traditional paintings to innovative sculptures. With a rich history and a dedication to fostering artistic talent, the Salmagundi Club is a must-visit destination for those seeking to connect with the city’s artistic legacy.

Macy’s Flower Show

Springtime in New York wouldn’t be complete without the Macy’s Flower Show. Every year, this iconic department store transforms its space into a floral wonderland, delighting visitors with an explosion of colors and scents. As you stroll through the enchanting displays, botanical realms awaken your senses and remind you of the beauty of nature. From towering arrangements to intricate floral sculptures, the Macy’s Flower Show is a true celebration of the season’s rejuvenation.

Yayoi Kusama 

For those seeking contemporary art that challenges boundaries, the NYC Yayoi Kusama exhibitions are a dream come true. Yayoi Kusama, the renowned Japanese artist, is known for her mesmerizing installations that often feature her signature polka dots and mirrors. Her immersive artworks create spaces that blur the lines between reality and fantasy, inviting viewers to explore their own perceptions. As you step into Kusama’s world, prepare to be dazzled by the infinite possibilities of art and imagination.

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NYEA Field Trips: Museums August 14, 2023

Field trips have always been a part of curriculum at New York English Academy. When living abroad, visiting museums is a great way to learn about the history or culture of your home away from home. Museums are also a great way to break the ice with classmates and practice using English outside of the classroom. Here are some of the museums NYEA students have visited together:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met):

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, often simply referred to as The Met, stands as one of the world’s most renowned and comprehensive art institutions. It boasts a vast collection spanning over 5,000 years of human creativity and culture. The museum offers a captivating journey through art, history, and diverse civilizations. From ancient artifacts to modern masterpieces, The Met invites visitors to explore the depths of artistic expression across various mediums and periods.

The Met Cloisters:

Located in Fort Tryon Park, The Met Cloisters is a unique extension of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe, this enchanting museum transports visitors to a different era. Designed to resemble a medieval monastery, The Met Cloisters showcases an exquisite collection of religious artifacts, illuminated manuscripts, sculptures, and decorative arts. Its stunning gardens and architectural elements create an immersive experience that evokes the spiritual and artistic essence of the Middle Ages.

South Street Seaport Museum:

The South Street Seaport Museum, situated in the historic heart of lower Manhattan, pays tribute to New York City’s maritime heritage. Offering a glimpse into the city’s seafaring past, the museum highlights the role of the bustling harbor in shaping the city’s identity. Visitors can explore maritime artifacts, historic ships, and engaging exhibitions that capture the tales of immigration, trade, and naval prowess. With its picturesque waterfront location, visitors can also view a variety of ships at the pier.

Staten Island Museum:

The Staten Island Museum serves as a cultural hub, dedicated to celebrating the diverse heritage and natural history of Staten Island, one of New York City’s five boroughs. Through a blend of art, science, and history, the museum offers a window into the island’s evolution from its Indigenous roots to its contemporary urban landscape. Visitors can engage with a wide range of exhibits, including artworks, artifacts, and interactive displays that shed light on the island’s environment, culture, and community.

Keep a lookout for our future post about art galleries and exhibitions that New York English Academy students have visited. 

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Things to Try This August August 3, 2023

Visit the Montauk Lighthouse & Sag Harbor 

MTA Away runs a variety of trips through MetroNorth and Long Island Railroad. Take a trip to Montauk, the ultimate seaside community located at the tip of Long Island, without the stress of a long drive, traffic or planning your day. After your train pulls into the station, you will board a bus to “the End”, making stops at Montauk Village and the Montauk Point Lighthouse. The Montauk Point Lighthouse was the first lighthouse in New York State and is one of the oldest active lighthouses in the U.S. today. Climb to the top or stay at the ground level and explore the gift shop, museum, and surroundings in Montauk Point State Park. Then, head to the heart of the Hamptons, Sag Harbor, for a quaint escape. Explore all the sights this historically rich port has to offer, from beaches and nature preserves to museums, vintage shops, and fine dining.

Find a Street Fair

New York City has over 100 street fairs and festivals between April and October. Below are a list of those street fairs occurring throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2023. Unless otherwise noted, these festivals are free to attend and all events are held rain or shine. You can use this link to find a street fair in your borough. This list will be updated throughout the spring and summer, so make sure to check back!

Free Kayaking

Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse is bringing their kayaks out for visitors to enjoy the simple pleasure of kayaking, for free, with breathtaking views of the skyline. Weather permitting, the boathouse will offer free sessions from Pier 2 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays starting May 31st through the end of September. You don’t need any prior kayaking experience to take one out for a spin on the water, but they do recommend wearing water-friendly clothes as your feet and seat may get a bit wet. 

Picnic by Waterfalls in Central Park

Central Park contains a few different kinds of environments within its great expanse, such as large grassy fields like the Great Meadow, woodsy trails in the Ramble, a stunning lake at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, and even a medieval castle! What many New Yorkers may not know is that Central Park contains a hidden oasis of mini-waterfalls. Tucked away in the Ravine, the stream valley section of the North Woods that spans 40 acres at the top of the Park has at least five different waterfalls. Charming stone bridges round out the scene, and it’s especially perfect during this time because the area is never very crowded.

Take a Summer Bike Ride

Even if you don’t have your own bike, Citibike is an easy and affordable way to get around the city while exercising and spending time outdoors. One of the most recommended bike routes in NYC is West Side Highway/Hudson River Greenway! The Hudson River Greenway spans most of the West Side of Manhattan starting uptown at Inwood Hill Park and ending at Battery Park. You can join it wherever, but some highlights include the mighty Intrepid at 46th St. and Freedom Tower and 9/11 Memorial down at the final portion. At the very end, you’ll be able to take in views of the Statue of Liberty. 

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