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Generous Millionaires March 28, 2013

A conditional clause in English grammar often uses “if” before the subject.  Many of the verbs following an “if” expression use modal auxiliary verbs like “would” or “could.”

What “if” you won a million dollars?  Student essays can give us some ideas.

Yui writes:

 If I won $1,000,000, I would buy an office in New York. [Editor’s note: Good Luck!]  Then I would like to start a new job by myself.  [Eventually], I would like to buy a house in New York, if I could make enough [additional] money.  Also, I would buy a beautiful house for my parents in Japan.

Next, I would try to get a green card from the USA.  If I could get a green card, I would be happy.

Then, if I had enough money at that time, I would make a donation for orphans in Japan.  …I should make a donation.  I would make me happier!

 There is a New York connection for Bo too:

If I won a lot of money, I would think I’m the luckiest person in the world.  It would be exciting because I could do many things.

…I would give some [of the money] to my parents.  I would buy a house in Thailand for my family and I would like to buy a house in Manhattan; I wouldn’t have to pay every month to rent an apartment.

…I would give some money to poor people; that would make me happy because I could help them and make their lives better.

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PC TECH students have a number of opportunities to visit cultural institutions in New York, especially on our field activity days, usually Fridays.  Currently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a video presentation of the fast-moving pace of Manhattan transformed into slow motion.  James Nares, born in England, designed this program to accompany a group of related objects from the museum’s collection and set all to music.  Our students now have some original material to discuss in the classroom.

In one of our levels, the students were writing essays about what they would do if they won a million dollars.  Angelita supplies an example:

First of all, I would buy a house for my mother and I would hire someone to help her with cleaning the house and cooking.

Then I would travel around the world, but I [especially] want to visit Africa because I would become a volunteer and help other people, [in particular] children.  I love kids and I feel sad when I am watching TV and see kids crying and hungry.

So I would open an association for helping these people with [their] primary needs.

After that, I would buy a truck because my husband is a driver; he has never driven a truck, but I know he would love it.

…My main idea is that for the rest of my life, I would feel safe – myself and my family – and I would not have to worry about money.

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PC TECH student Bo is thinking about starting her own business – or maybe just dreaming about it:

I would like to have my own business in the future.  One day, when I have an investment and experience, I would like to open a coffee and bakery café, because I love the taste and smell of coffee.  I like [it] when they draw the coffee foam.  I will create and make fancy coffee in my café.  I [hope] my customers will like it.  Also my café will have many kinds of cakes, breads and cookies.  I will look for a good location for my café.  I think I will decorate my café in vintage style because I like it and it makes me feel relaxed.  I would like to make my customers happy and comfortable when they come to my café.  I hope they will like my coffee and my bakery also.

Maria has another kind of café in mind as her dream business:

Starting your own business is something that you may not have thought about.  But as for me, I do have my own business dream.  I would like to open my own pet café, a place where you can bring your own pet, such as cats, dogs, birds, rats, pigs – even snakes! – to the café and they can have a meal with you at the table in the café.  That would be a very good chance for the pets’ owners and their pets to get some socialization with other pets. In my café, full services such as grooming, pet-sitting, pet-walking, pet supplies, pet food – also a pet mate program – will be provided.

I think that would be nice for pet lovers because nowadays most pet owners think their pets are more than just animals, but also part of the family.

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Imagine that your improved English skills help you to start or enhance your own business.  Eun writes about her desire to help musically-inclined children grow in their love of music.   A bilingual teacher can reach out to more young clients.

Music and children.   I think there are some similarities between these two words: Miraculous, unlimited, creative, powerful, and so on.

I have been teaching piano for about eight years and have learned how music can influence and affect children.  Children get courage, change personality, and even find their hidden talent by learning music.

They absorb everything very easily and when they learn and enjoy music, [there are] amazing results.  I want to lead them to learn, enjoy, create, and improve their talent and unlimited abilities.  Not only for teaching do I want to be a teacher.  [I want to support them] and listen to them in order to [help them] build strong relationships with other students.  Seeing their smiles when they play piano always makes me proud of them, and happy to teach them.  As teacher, advisor, friend, sister, and supporter, I will try to do my best to be an unforgettable music teacher to them.

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A Dream Job March 14, 2013

Students at PC TECH often tell us in class discussion how their English skills can help them with their employment.  Writing about her dream job, Gabriela envisions a position in the advertising business:

When I was a girl, I used to watch ads on TV, [as well as] American movies and TV shows in which some of the characters worked creating ads.  I thought I would like that [kind of a] job because it looked like fun.  At that time, I started to dream of working as an account executive in an advertising agency in New York City.

Following my dream, I went to college to study Advertising and Marketing Communications.  Meanwhile, I got an internship is an advertising agency and part of my dream started to become true.  After graduating from college, I continued to work in the agency.  I started as the “low man on the totem pole”, but I worked hard.  Little by little, I got better positions until I got a position as an executive account senior.

At that time, part of my dream had become true.  However, in order to achieve my whole dream, I should get a job in New York, but it would not be easy.  After a few years to think about it, I decided to come to the United States, first to learn English, then to apply for a post-graduate position in Business Administration.  [Later] there will be many other obstacles to overcome, but I will take care of one thing at a time.

I know that to achieve my goals and get my dream job will not be easy.  However, I like to believe that every day it is closer to becoming true.  Right now it does not matter if I get it or not because I will always be proud of myself for doing everything I could to achieve my dream. 

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Dream Jobs March 8, 2013

Maria, a student from Thailand composed some thoughts about her dream job:

Since I was a job, one of my dreams has been to become a veterinarian.  It’s a great job where you can meet new animals every day, help them and keep them healthy.  My love for animals started just after I could walk.  I remember the first dog I had, and still remember the feeling when I lost it because of some sickness.  I was crying like a baby.

After that, it made me think that it would be nice if I were able to cure them before it would become too late – because animals can’t talk.  They can’t tell you what they feel or where they hurt.  You have to observe their behavior.  However, I know it’s too late for me to become a veterinarian, but I can still help animals in many ways, even though I’m not the doctor.

Kaori, a student from Japan, writes about her childhood desire to be a kindergarten teacher:

When I was little, I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher.  I don’t remember why I wanted to become a teacher.  But when I was in kindergarten, I would watch teachers and wanted to be like them because they could do fun things that older students couldn’t.

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Student Reflections March 7, 2013

As a writing assignment, Miriam,  one of our students from Thailand recently wrote an unusual essay:

In the future, cats will walk on two legs like humans.  I plan to teach cats to walk on two legs, then you can jog with them.  I will breed the cats on a farm.  It will be unique that cats will walk on two legs!

So in a few years, you might see me and everybody walking with the cats in Central Park!

Alessandro from Italy contributed this reflection:

In my experience, besides the places that make a difference between living in the city and in the countryside, is also the style of life that we are living.  It would be easier if we could live in the city, but keep the lifestyle of the countryside.  For example, stay calm and relaxed even when other people are in a rush.  Or, having more activity in the countryside, try to keep cleaner in the city.  So for me, I don’t really care where I would rather live in this moment of my life; the only thing that really matters is to live in the USA.

In the future – I mean when I go into retirement – I’d rather go back to where I grew up:  the great outdoors.  There, life is healthier, the food is better, it is quieter… and I don’t have to pay rent!

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