Student Reflections March 7, 2013

As a writing assignment, Miriam,  one of our students from Thailand recently wrote an unusual essay:

In the future, cats will walk on two legs like humans.  I plan to teach cats to walk on two legs, then you can jog with them.  I will breed the cats on a farm.  It will be unique that cats will walk on two legs!

So in a few years, you might see me and everybody walking with the cats in Central Park!

Alessandro from Italy contributed this reflection:

In my experience, besides the places that make a difference between living in the city and in the countryside, is also the style of life that we are living.  It would be easier if we could live in the city, but keep the lifestyle of the countryside.  For example, stay calm and relaxed even when other people are in a rush.  Or, having more activity in the countryside, try to keep cleaner in the city.  So for me, I don’t really care where I would rather live in this moment of my life; the only thing that really matters is to live in the USA.

In the future – I mean when I go into retirement – I’d rather go back to where I grew up:  the great outdoors.  There, life is healthier, the food is better, it is quieter… and I don’t have to pay rent!

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