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Tour New York with Us! April 28, 2015

Here at New York English Academy, every Friday we offer tours to various sites around New York City.  These field trips present wonderful opportunities for our students of all learning levels to socialize and engage in English conversation with their peers from five continents.  Here are some of the places we have visited, or plan to visit:

The Brooklyn Bridge*

Brooklyn Bridge Park*

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Staten Island Ferry*

Picnics in Central Park

The Brooklyn Museum of Art

The New York Hall of Science

The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian*

The American Museum of Natural History

High Line Park

The Museum of the History of New York

Ice Skating in Bryant Park

Ice Skating and Roller Skating in Prospect Park

The Fashion Institute of Technology

Wall Street*

The 911 Memorial*

Battery Park City*

The USS Intrepid Museum

Grand Central Terminal

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Rockefeller Center

The New York Public Library

The Skyscraper Museum*

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) PS 1

The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel lobby

The Museum of American Finance*

Federal Hall*

The New York Stock Exchange*

South Street Seaport*

*These are places that are only a few minutes’ walk from our Academy.

NYC map

This is only a partial listing.  We could include Times Square, but most visitors to New York walk through that area almost as soon as they arrive here.  We like to provide our students with opportunities to explore places that many tourists don’t think about or even know about.  These activities are usually free or at very low cost.

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New York’s donuts are famously some of the best in the world, and there are enough donut shops to prove it. With literally thousands of options, New York has your appetite covered. So when you’re done gazing and grazing at one shop, head on over to the next hunger haven. If you’ve got a sweet tooth and you like round things with a hole in the middle, this City is the best place to explore the donut. (more…)

nyc flea markets

Are you living on a student’s budget but have a fashionista’s taste for looking good? Do you prefer vintage looks to mainstream fashion? Are you wondering where the best second-hand fashion can be found in Manhattan? If so, you’ve come to the right place. New York City may seem expensive and some of the price tags at high-end boutiques may be more than your monthly apartment rent, but don’t let that stop you from finding the clothes you like at prices you can afford.  Flea markets and thrift stores are going to be your new best friend! (more…)

tipping in new york

For foreigners living in the United States, paying extra money at a restaurant, bar, or salon may feel like a strange custom. This strange custom is called “leaving a tip” and if you want to live in New York City, you will need to learn how to do it very quickly. The two big questions are:

• How much money should I tip?

• When do I need to leave a tip?

If you are worried about these questions, you are not the only person. Even many Americans aren’t sure about tipping etiquette. However, don’t worry. This article gives you the answers you need and more–so keep reading!



Have you just moved to the City and are looking for a place to get in shape? With all of the amazing cheap eats around Manhattan, the city can be a dangerous place for adding a few extra centimeters around the waist if you’re not careful. The good news is that there are great gyms around Lower Manhattan that won’t break your wallet. If you’re wondering where to find an affordable gym, we’ve got four picks we think will help get you in shape in no time.