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Why did you decide to study in English in New York City?

I am an architect and we, with my father, have an architectural firm in Colombia. I decided to give myself one year break off my work, so I started looking around the world for my destiny, and decided for one of my favorites cities New York City, is the city that never sleeps, and for me is perfect because New York [has some] of the best architectural buildings in the modern history.

Why did you choose New York English Academy?

We in our Colombian company have a lot of foreign customers, and English is one of the more common languages for business, so I started looking for a school that  met my expectations, after comparing NYEA with others schools I find that here you feel in a friendly space, the classes don’t have a lot of students so you can feel the learning more personalized, we are like a family! We with my classmates like to call NYEA the “United Nations” because here you can find friends [from] all over the world ! It’s amazing!

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“July 5th is the independence day of Algeria. The Algerian people and government celebrate this day…first, 5 July is a day off…most of the television programs show the movies of the war of Algeria.”

-Ahmed Menouer

“‘Hari Merdeka’ in Malay language which means Independence Day. It means the day when the Federation of Malaysia’s independence from the British Empire was officially declared on 31st August 1957.”

-Alice Chi

“The 14th July is the French national day. It is to commemorate the July 14, 1789, when the Bastille had been invaded by revolutionists to kill the king…a democratic government has been installed.”

-Geraldine Lamboley

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