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A Picnic in the Park July 19, 2013

A favorite activity for PC TECH students is a summertime picnic in Central Park.  The large field known as the Sheep Meadow was actually a place for sheep to graze before the Park was established a century and a half ago.

Today was probably the hottest and most humid day so far this summer, yet a number of our students wanted to play volleyball, dodge ball, and soccer.  Others relaxed on the lawn and chatted while munching on snacks.  With plenty of water to drink, everyone had a good time.

Several students have been writing about experiences with medical care.  Among these compositions, we have an interesting account from Yuki:

            Last year, I went to a dentist because of a toothache.   When I was in Japan, I went to the dentist to treat all my teeth, so I was relieved.  However, when I came back to New York, suddenly a felt something hurt [a] tooth, but I didn’t want to believe it.  I had already had it fixed, so I thought I didn’t need to worry about it.  But my tooth hurt more day by day and I had a headache too.  I couldn’t stand it and finally I went to [an American] dentist.  The doctor charged me $1300!  I couldn’t afford it.  If I pay that money, I can also buy an airplane ticket to return to Japan.  It’s the same price!

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Love Their Writing! July 12, 2013

“Love” is the writing assignment theme of one of our class levels.  Claudia from Chile relates to us her honest and open feelings about this emotion:

I think that “love” is a big word because it includes family, friends, stuff, and couples.  Love is so important for human happiness; without it we can’t do anything with energy.  If you don’t have love, it is like you feel empty.

For me, the most important [object of] love is my family.  I don’t care about other things, but I know I feel good [when I] love:  I have a big family and the moments with them make me feel very happy.

I think that when I have kids, the love for them will be [very] big.   Kids are so innocent and pure; they don’t [harbor] bad feelings.

But with couples (I don’t know the name in English when you have someone), I am so unlucky.   I always feel bad because the men that I know are so bad to me.

And that’s love for me in general.

“Bo” from Thailand shares with us:

Love can refer to a variety of different emotions or feelings.  Everyone has to feel in love:  It can be people – people, people – animals, animals – animals.  Love will [bring] you happiness.  You can give love…and you receive it.  Someone who never feels in love will not be happy.  Love will make everything beautiful!

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