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If there is one piece of information every student coming to New York should know is that ‘The City’ is expensive. Forget about what you thought expensive meant as New York simply blows almost all other cities out of the water when it comes to high prices. Of course income is high and the job market is well remunerated, but for someone new to the city with no clear job situation the first couple of weeks/months can be pretty rough.

Here are a few money management tips to make sure you don’t spend every precious penny you have or earn on the finer things the city offers.

Don’t live in Manhattan

While Manhattan if renowned the world over for its cultural and entertainment opportunities, it is extremely expensive to live in. A short subway ride to Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx can literally cut your rent in half while offering less traffic, less noise and a more functional neighborhood with more shopping options.

Get A Roommate

If you want to cut down on rent even more, getting a roommate can be a great idea. You will save money by splitting the bills and you can even buy food together. Getting a roommate or two can also be a great way to make friends if you’re new to the city.

The Subway is the Best Option

Forget about buying a car or taking cabs. The subway is the best way to travel efficiently in New York both in terms of money as well as time. An unlimited monthly Metro Card costs just over $100 and beats every other travel option on the market.

Always Carry Some Cash

A lot of neighborhood stores have a minimum of $10 dollars shopping when you choose to pay with a card so even if you’re a card fan, save yourself the hassle of buying something you didn’t need and carry at least $20 in your wallet.

Get Internet, Don’t Get Cable

Don’t spend money you don’t have on expensive cable deals. Every show you want to watch plus countless other entertainment options are available online and you’ll probably need an internet connection for schoolwork anyway so try to avoid cable.

Two Words. Pizza Slice.

Dollar pizza slices are probably the cheapest food next to ramen you can get in NYC. They are delicious and a great snack as well, so make sure you find a good pizza place near the school, your place of work, or where you live.

Forget about Bottled Water, Drink Tap Instead

New York gets its water from upstate through a recently finished and ultra-modern aqueduct, ensuring that the Big Apple gets some of the freshest water in the country. So forget expensive bottled water and drink straight from the tap.

If You Must Eat Out, Do It For Lunch Not Dinner

While eating out is not necessarily the best idea if you’re trying to save a buck or two there are some incredible offers for daytime eating. Lunch menu offers and inexpensive sushi to name two. Make sure you make your schedule work around your lunchtime habit.

Your English speaking skills can be considered most important when it comes to actually communicating. Regardless of your mastery of grammar, your large vocabulary or your spelling proficiency, speaking the language improperly can make you sound like a beginner all over again.

To avoid these problems students must not forget to actually practice in order to improve their speaking skills without relying solely on what they learn in class. There are many ways through which every type of student, from the absolute beginner to the advanced can improve their speech and most of them are quite fun.


New York is an amazing city where culture, entertainment, business and education meet to offer one of the best living standards in the world. In such a busy and diverse environment the most valuable commodity is time. With so many job, school, and entertainment opportunities, having enough time to do them all is a real balancing act. So to save your precious time and give you some great tips when it comes to living efficiently in the big city, we have put together this list.

Know Where To Find Free Wi-Fi

While a high speed internet connection is practically essential in the world we live in today, knowing where a good free Wi-Fi hotspot is located can make a huge impact on your life. In case of a power shortage or internet connection problems at home, knowledge of a hotspot can make the difference between an on-time delivered homework or project and a failed class.

Never Pay Full Price For Tickets To Museums

Most museums in New York have events or weekends where donation based admission will allow you to visit them for free. Certain banks also offer free entry to certain museums or theatres if you get their card. As a student there are a large number of discounts or free admission opportunities throughout the city. To find out more about these offers check out the flyers offered near New York University.

Learn How To Efficiently Redecorate

Living in New York as a student probably means that you are living in a small apartment. If it helps you to pay a smaller rent you shouldn’t hesitate to get a tiny studio or apartment especially considering the new design ideas and technology that allows you to make the most out of your small space. There are many online resources where you can find inspiration, however, consider ceiling to floor shelves, a camouflaged bed, and vertical storage, maybe even a mezzanine solution if your apartment or studio allows it.

When You Go For A Drink, Buy A Bottle

Once in New York it is inevitable to go out for a drink or two with your classmates, roommates or new friends. To save money make sure you always order bottles, especially if you go out in a large group. For example a bottle of whiskey will end up costing a little under what you would pay for two average mixed drinks. This method is particularly effective if you go out with two or more friends. Or even better BYOB ‘Bring your own bottle’ if you are dining out, as many restaurants in the city offer this service, with a small corking fee attached.

Schedule Your Shopping and Avoid Browsing In The Meantime

New York City has one of the largest offers of goods in the world, making any shopping trip as delightful as it is stressful. To make sure you don’t waste too much time or money when you go shopping try to plan large shopping trips once a month or weekly, depending on your schedule. In the meantime try to avoid window shopping or browsing excessively as you will certainly end up making at least a small purchase. Also try to go shopping during times when there are large sales or discount offers.