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Christmas Party! December 16, 2016

This year the NYEA Christmas Party was a blast! We had delicious Pizza, holiday drinks and the students all brought in a wrapped Christmas gift. Everyone brought in a present to play the traditional Christmas gift giving game, “White Elephant.” Some students said that they have similar games in their country. The game worked like this, everyone put their present under the tree and received a number, when their number was called they chose any present they wanted and opened it for all to see. After everyone had a gift the second round started and students then had the chance to “steal” a present they wanted from someone else. The students had a blast and said they would definitely look forward to this game next Christmas or even play it with their friends at home. Happy Holidays from everyone here at NYEA! Cheers!!



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 I am currently studying Creation and Development Business at Catholic University in Bolivia, and I have decided to take a semester off to come to New York looking to succeed in the TOEFL test because it is a requirement to complete my degree. In fact, the TOEFL test means a lot to me, because without it I am not able to finish my dream career, that is why I chose NYEA to prepare me. Actually, I have been preparing for 3 months at NYEA for this test, and I can feel that they helped me a lot to be realistic and get me closer to my dream score. Not only the academic side, but also the friendly enviroment side makes NYEA a great school to study at. In addition, living in New York is amazing because of the history, the people and their incredibles places to visit makes this experience one of my best that I ever had.

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A particular part of Christmas in my country is when children go out singing from house to house. They normally dance as well. Children get sweets, traditional cakes called “cozonac,” and money. Adults sing, too, on Christmas Day evening and night. – Irina, Moldova

The best holiday in winter in Italy is Christmas…The period of Christmas begins on 8th December, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The families prepare the Christmas tree and the nativity scene on this day. – Erika, Italy

New Year’s holiday is very popular in my country. This holiday’s name is “Oshogatsu.” Usually Japanese people go to eat traditional food. This traditional food is very beautiful and very sophisticated. It’s like artwork. – Mori, Japan

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From The Director December 1, 2016

What a November we had in the USA! But thankfully, mercifully the election is over and, though there is a hard rain as I write this, the winter holiday season will not be cancelled. The holidays are a time of togetherness, generosity, and celebration. The City puts on her decorations and millions brave the cold to shop, ice skate, or just gawk at the amazing lights and window displays. The sound of music in the air and smells of baking treats, hot chocolate, and Christmas trees welcome people of all backgrounds to let the warmth of the holiday spirit into their hearts. And some say that if we all let it in, something magical can happen.


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