A Couple of Offbeat Jobs August 20, 2015

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A student has used her imagination to relate to us her thoughts on “offbeat” jobs she might consider:

I like cooking some traditional dishes; it’s my hobby.  I can tell that [being a chef would be] an offbeat job for me.  The process of cooking is relaxing and interesting for me.  I always try to learn some new dishes and then I [prepare] them.

Last weekend, I learned to prepare the taco.  This dish is from Mexico and it is wonderful!

Another offbeat job for me [would be] archaeology.  When I was a child, I wanted to become an archaeologist.  I like this profession.  An archaeologist looks for something new from the past.  This is very interesting to me.

I am a lawyer and I can say that sometimes my [career] is an offbeat job.  My job is diverse and I like my profession.


Another student  has her own web design business, yet she can imagine a number of wide-ranging occupations that could interest her.  This is her contribution:

Life is short.  It’s very difficult for me to be engaged in a job; I want to do everything!  I like traveling, so I would like to be an [airline attendant], tour guide, international journalist.  I love art, so I would like to be a painter, singer, dancer…  I’m creative, so I would like to be a designer, architect…  I like thrills, so I would like to join the army, be a [fire-fighter], secret agent…  I am passionate about life and I think everything is extraordinary.  It’s why I have my own company…I like to do [many] things: sell, create, give advice.  I like the effort to get good results.  That’s why I came to NYC.

For me, who have always been protected by my family, my boyfriend, my friends.  Traveling alone in a new country, with new people and a new language, was the hardest challenge…

We must all live our dreams!

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