I wish to do my best and achieve what I want as a compensation for my labor [in learning English] and as an expression of gratitude for all my skillful instructors and NYEA. -Niran, Iraq

In 2017 I wish only one thing- I wish my life keeps being like a hurricane of events and making me happy. – Eugene, Russia

I hope 2017 will be a very good year in my life. I have a goal I want to achieve. I hope that I can learn English and after I want to go to college. – Helen, Ukraine

One thing I want to accomplish in 2017 is traveling to Seoul, Korea and Havana, Cuba because they are two wonderful places on Earth…I also want to speak a little Chinese. – Jacobo, Italy

One thing that I want to accomplish in 2017 is to improve my English as much as possible, especially my speaking because I’d like to express myself properly. It could be very useful for my job!- Eva, Spain

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