Happy New Year! December 28, 2012

Students in Level  this week have been discussing many of the issues that are currently in the news:  the “fiscal cliff” facing the US (especially the taxpayers); the many guns in America; the effects of Hurricane Sandy and other bad weather.

Often English learners confuse the American way to pronounce “can” and “can’t.”  Our Level 2 textbooks provide pronunciation exercises  – along with our class CD tracks –  so that students can detect the differences in the voice when speakers use these words.  Students and teacher create questions and answers, such as “Can you shop inexpensively on Fifth Avenue?”  The answer may be “No, you can’t” or Yes, you can.”  Most of our students actually pronounce the “t” in “can’t” better than many Americans!

Levels 1, 2, and 4 students visited Battery Park City and the World Financial Center today.  They discovered that this area is not so crowded with tourists, unlike midtown Manhattan, at the holiday season.  There are many places to take dramatic pictures of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center.  The three buildings contain many shops for fine clothes and other items (maybe a little expensive); a spectacular indoor courtyard called the “Winter Garden”, where people can relax and get out of the cold weather; cafes and little restaurants where they can buy a nice lunch or snack.


Happy New Year to everyone!


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