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It is no secret that rent in New York City can be very expensive. At one time, Brooklyn was considered to be an affordable, trendy, though somewhat grittier alternative; but today, not even Brooklyn can escape the rising cost of rent. While housing can be expensive in many neighborhoods, there are still a variety of available options for foreign students who want to study English in Manhattan. If you are interested in renting an apartment during your time at the New York English Academy, a good alternative to living in the Big Apple is nearby Jersey City.

Jersey City from Battery Park

New York rent is anything but cheap. Regardless of where you are living, how small the apartment is, how many roommates you have, or how far away from Manhattan it is, one thing is sure—the price will be pretty high. Some students might prefer living in a campus environment, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean it comes with cheaper rent.

There are several pros and cons to both types of housing, but in the end it depends on each individual’s preferences. Here is a list of some of the major pros and cons for choosing apartments over communal housing.

Finding Privacy in NYC

Location: Queens, Brooklyn
Room rate: $1,250/4weeks includes breakfast and dinner
Application fee: $200

An international student house is a residence style homestay; A house owner and his/her friends jointly care for the house.  There are a total of 10 rooms in the house. This home provides a friendly environment for students of differnt nationalities to socialize and help each other.

One house in Queens: The 3 stories brick house has a quiet study lounge on the 3rd floor, a spcious dining and living room area, a nice tranquil backyard that we occasionally have BBQ party, as well as a coined laundry facility in the basement.

Please feel free to contact PC tech housing staff for application.



One of the most discussed options when travelling or studying abroad is a homestay with a local family. Homestays can be a rewarding experience and present an unrivaled opportunity for genuine cultural exchange.

1: Cost
2: Experience real local life
3: Cultural exchange

1: Rules
2: Hours to commute
3: Feel dependent


A homestay is a good option for saving money especially in New York, this high-rent city. However, for the short term students, long hours to take trains does not always mean “affordable”.


The Markle Residence is located in the best neighborhood of Manhattan.

Residents are women primarily between the ages of 18 – 55 who come to New York as students, interns or professionals. The residence is near every subway line and several cross – town buses.

The Markle Residence wants your stay to be safe and great with 24/7 security, 2 furnished meals per day, private bathrooms, laundry facilities, exercise room, wireless internet, lounge featuring large screen television, study room and 17th floor garden terrace with incredible Manhattan skyline views.

Room rate varies with each room type. There are some rooms with a private bathroom!
You need to submit a school acceptance and financial proof. Markle_2Markle_1

Fall: September – December full booking is required

January – August: minimum 30 night is required

92 Y residence is one of the most popular housing options for PC TECH students! Convenient location, safe and easy access to school and no curfew! However, there is a specific requirement for booking in fall semester. They only accept students who will stay entire fall semester(9/1 – 12/31) while a minimum 30 night booking is allowed between January and August.

92Y building 92Y room

Choose a move-in date.

As always, the timing is important. In general, you do not have a lot of time to decide whether you want a room between checking it and putting down the deposit. Most residence and host families will want you to make a decision on the spot, or else they will move on to the next applicant.

If you could be flexible for the check-in and class date, please let housing staff know in advance!

appearance kitchen


Residence in Spring and Summer : 4 months prior to your arrival

Homestay : 2 months prior to your arrival

Most people will tell you that apartment-hunting in New York City is one of the most stressful and unpredictable processes that you will ever go through – and they are right. You should learn a culture of this city first and a good deal is very competitive.

room pic