English for Your Future October 28, 2014

Luana comes to PC TECH from Brazil.  She would like to share with you her thoughts about English for career advancement:

             It is no secret that today English is a very important – perhaps the most important – of all the languages.  We cannot deny that people who speak English fluently are seen by the community as a determining factor in their careers.

There are many advantages to having English as a second or third language.  Many studies conducted in countries where English is not the official language show that people who can speak English get better jobs.  The English language is now considered the most widely used language for trade agreements, travel, internet, books, magazines, and myriads of other things.

For those who wish to attain a PhD in some science, knowing English is essential.  After all, it is the language in which most science books and articles are published.

For people who like to travel, English provides the ability to communicate with anyone in any situation.

If we also compare the information on the internet, we see that there is more information in English than in any other language, regardless of your interests.

There is also the fact that speaking English at times when a county plans to organize and host large international events, and aspires to prominent positions with the world – like Brazil now – is the best guarantee of professional, academic, and personal opportunities, and enhanced possibilities for connecting and networking.

I believe that English is already a fundamentally [important] language and that in the future, its importance will only increase.  For those who speak English, there will be many opportunities.  Learning English is a matter of choice, but we cannot deny its advantages.

PC TECH English teachers are happy to help you improve your formal and informal writing and conversation skills.  In each level you will be given a weekly writing assignment so that your instructor can evaluate your progress.

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