American English is one of the most commonly used languages in the world, yet it’s also one of the most complicated to learn. Native English speakers have an advantage, as they were raised with the language in their educational system and in their general community. Newcomers to the language often face challenges due to the unique nuances and complicated grammatical rules.

The New York English Academy sets out to help those interested in learning American English by designing coursework catered to the American dialect for a more integrated and natural experience in the real world. Additionally, the school’s location in the heart of New York City ensures that students benefit from an immersed experience in great American culture. Regarded as the cultural capital in the country, New York City offers authentic American English experiences mixed with dozens of other languages due to its diverse culture.

For those that want to take their American English learning experience one step further, New York English Academy also offers a TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) program. This program provides learned masters of the English language the tools and methods required in order to teach others the American English language.

There has always been a huge draw to learning American English due to the influence that the language has on the rest of the world. From pop culture to science to just general mass use, American English seems to be practically everywhere. Due to this influence, there are educational facilities all over the world that provide TESOL programs, but there are tremendous benefits to enrolling with New York English Academy for this very program.

  1. Personalized training

The TESOL courses at New York English Academy provide students with experienced teachers and tutors that will help translate and transfer proven methods and abilities that will help each student be an effective teacher of American English. Through various teaching strategies, each student will learn practices that will not only engage the students, but they will also enhance the teacher-in-training’s understanding of teaching methodology.

  • Practical pricing and schedules

Many institutions find that they can get away with charging a massive amount for tuition and practical classroom training fees. New York English Academy, however, understands that each student’s journey is unique. Scheduling, cost, and lifestyle all factor in the practicality of the program’s feasibility. The school also understands that most students have either a full-time job or are in another educational program simultaneously, which is why the program is designed to fit these unique schedules and life demands.

  • Ideal location

Any area in the United States offers tremendous settings for advanced learnings, but New York City is over and above the most unique location. As a cultural melting pot, individuals from all over the world come to this great city to work, study, and simply visit, meaning that there are constantly hundreds of languages spoken here at all times, At every corner, you’re likely to encounter other people speaking languages other than English. This experience will surely prepare you and help you practice your English speaking and translating skills for the classroom.

Since each individual learns at a different speed and rate, and since each person will benefit from unique methodologies, it’s important to remain flexible. New York City will certainly help you with that skill, and the best bonus is that you’re in one of the greatest cities in the world! So while you’re studying with the New York English Academy, you’ll also be immersed with plenty of tremendous and historical sites.

  • Real-life methodologies

Gone are the days of relying on textbooks and workbooks for learning a new language. Developed instructors are learning and proving that individuals are learning more effectively from interactive activities and communicative tools. By engaging with one another, the classroom experience emulates the real-world experience of using American English to communicate with one another. Not only will your students be equipped and armed for life outside the classroom walls, but you as a TESOL instructor will be more prepared for future students, and your curriculum will be fine-tuned.

American English continues to attract people from all over the world. The language has a tremendous effect on countries from all over, and the New York English Academy has designed the TESOL program to cater to students interested in effectively teaching the language to interested speakers, and its unique program design will set you up for a practical yet fun learning experience.

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