With warmer weather, more free time, and a general better outlook towards each day, you’re definitely on the lookout for something to do, and since you’re in New York City, you can expect the best of the best. New York City hosts a wide range of music festivals during the summer months, and tons of musical icons and brand new artists fight to get their name on the lineup. It’s a great experience to be outside in the warm sun, listen to some of your favorites, and of course, it’s the perfect opportunity to meet new people, practice your English, and perfect your lyrics! So pack your sunscreen, bring plenty of cash for water to stay hydrated, and get ready for the ultimate musical experience!

  1. Panorama Music Festival, July 28th – 30th, New York City

Held at Randall’s Island Park, this year’s show is featuring almost 70 artists over the three-day musical extravaganza. With some talent that has been around for decades to brand new artists, this is one of New York City’s biggest musical celebrations. Because thousands attend this festival every year, you’ll be surrounded by lots of opportunities to practice your English AND get acquainted with some of the best talent in the industry today.

summer music festival in new york

  1. Elements Festival, August 12th – 13th, New York City

This is one of those festivals that is so much more about just music—it’s about the experience. In addition to the dozens of musical acts the festival hosts, it’s also modeled after the earth’s elements (earth, air, water, fire, fifth element). It has interactive art installations, aerial performances, rides, circus performances, and of course, incredible food and beverage vendors. If you’re looking for something a bit more interactive, this is your spot! And again, what better way to put your English skills to use?

  1. Billboard Hot 100 Festival, August 19th – 20th, Long Island, NY

While this festival is a bit of a trek beyond the city’s greater limits, it’s definitely worth the ride if you’re thinking about attending this one. While only about 30 artists are signed on for this year’s festival, the names are a bit bigger, so expect the show’s to be longer, more pyrotechnical, and you can definitely expect the crowds to be more amped up to see some of their favorites.

  1. Electric Zoo, September 1st – 3rd, New York City

Also held at Randall’s Island Park, this festival is still adding names to the lineup, so be sure to keep checking into the status of this festival to see if any of your favorites will be there. With dozens already signed on, this three-day musical extravaganza is one to get excited about. Many of the artists are household names, so if you want to brush up on their music and lyrics, look them up on Spotify, and get to know some popular English tunes and impress your friends by knowing all the words! This one is for sure a NYC favorite, so get excited!

  1. The Meadows Music Festival, September 15th – 17th, New York City

This festival is perhaps the biggest one of the season. Held at Citi Field in Queens, this three-day event features some of the biggest names in hip hop, rap, alternative rock, techno and house music, and pop. With names like Jay Z, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, and Gorillaz, you’re sure to find that some of your favorites will be there. Because this one is the biggest musical festival of the season, be sure to look into this one as early as possible, as it can quickly sell out!

For me, I find that sometimes I can’t make the festivals—whether it’s due to traveling, the time of the year, or even if I don’t have the funds to purchase the tickets, it’s always a bummer. But I’ve found what helps alleviate the sadness about not being able to go is that I’ll make playlists of all the artists at that festival, and I’ll jam out to it that weekend of the festival so it ALMOST feels like I’m there! Plus, this way, you won’t have to fight the crowds, wait in line for the porta-potties, and you’ll still hear all your favorite music!

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