New York City is of course full of plenty of things to do and see, but it can be tricky to muster the energy or the motivation in February when the weather is unpredictable, frigid, and often quite unbearable. Plus, the comfort and coziness of your home can be convincing enough to sway you to stay in and catch up on your Netflix shows—but fight the urge! Luckily, even in the dreary month of February in the middle of winter, there are still plenty of ways to spend your time and enjoy the sights of New York City. Plus, if you’re learning English, these activities are also great ways to practice your vocabulary and put your social and verbal skills to good use. So put on your heaviest winter jacket, check the weather forecast, and get out there!

valentines day

  1. Super Bowl—Sunday, February 4

This is one of my favorite times of the year! As an avid football fan, I look forward to this day for months! In an earlier post, I introduced you to the football teams based in New York City—this game is the championship between the two best teams of the season, so this game is basically for all the marbles! To celebrate, people come together to cheer on their favorite team and eat tons of food. If you feel like celebrating the game with hundreds of other football fans in New York City, make sure you plan ahead—bars fill up quickly! Make sure your English football terms are brushed off before heading out: “Touchdown!,” “Go team go!,” and “First down!” are all phrases you’ll overhear, so get ready!

  1. Mardi Gras—Tuesday, February 13

If you’ve learned anything about New York City by now, you know that New York City does everything big. Mardi Gras is no exception! This occasion is widely celebrated in Louisiana, but of course, New York City celebrates the day just as colorfully. Mardi Gras, which is French for “Fat Tuesday,” is a time when people feast and enjoy amazing jazz music before Lent. Since the origin of this holiday takes place in the New Orleans area, you’ll notice people replicate the traditions of this region: people stuff themselves with BBQ, dress in purple and gold beads, and blast funk, blues, R&B, and jazz. If you feel inclined to join the party, this is a great way to practice your social English skills. Grab a group of friends and hit your favorite jazz club and brush up on some BB King lyrics!

  1. Valentine’s Day—Wednesday, February 14

Chances are you’re already familiar with this holiday. You’ll discover that you’re going to be surrounded by all things romantic: restaurants will offer sweetheart specials, chocolate boutiques will feature discounted packages for those in love, and you’ll also probably start to notice many more jeweler advertisements. I find that if you’re in a relationship or single, any of these kinds of destinations are going to be hard to get into this time of year. If you’re looking to practice your English Valentine’s Day vocabulary, I recommend picking up a pack of candy hearts that have the sayings on them—they’ll tell you exactly how to communicate with your special someone!

  1. Chinese New Year Parade—Sunday, February 25

Head to Chinatown to celebrate the Lunar New Year! The parade starts at 1 pm, but be sure to get there early so you can secure a great spot—it covers areas from Mott Street to Canal Street then continues to East Broadway and Sara Roosevelt Park. Also, be sure to come hungry because Chinese restaurants from all over the city come to the parade and serve some of their best dishes. You’ll get to see traditional Chinese dances, traditions, and dress. Even if you’re new to English, this is a great time to do some quick research on Chinese phrases so you can mingle with the crowd—and you never know: you might help someone else that may be new to English!

Even if you’re still getting your grasp on the English language, these activities will still allow you to enjoy New York City in the coldest months of the year. February is a great time to take advantage of your English practice, so be sure you don’t become a hermit—get out there and practice!

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