What I love about living in the Northeast is that our winters are actually winters. When I was growing up, I lived in the south for two years, and the winters were so mild that it barely felt like winter at all. I’m one of the rare people that actually enjoy the cold weather, and December is the best winter month in my opinion. The holiday season tends to put everyone in a great mood, and I’ve noticed that everyone’s spirits tend to be just a bit more uplifted and jovial. Since Christmas and Hanukah both fall in December, you’ll notice that travel is extensive, and people travel the world to visit their friends and family to celebrate the holidays.

Because everyone seems to be in a great mood this month, it’s a great time for you to put your English skills to practice. You’ll notice that everyone is much more friendly and willing to ask you how you’ll be celebrating the joyous season. You can learn popular English sayings through social media, you can exchange pleasantries on the subway, and you’ll be able to express the beauty of the New York City in the winter with those around you. December in New York City is a magical place to be, and you’ll love being here during this time of the year.

I’ve narrowed down some unique things to do this month in New York City so you can marvel in the sights and lights while simultaneously putting your English skills to practical use.

  1. Rockefeller Christmas Tree, all December

This site is a no-brainer for the holiday season. Tourists from all over the world come to New York City just to see this iconic scenery. Rockefeller Center is a quick walk from Times Square, so it’s a pretty hub any time of the year, but it’s recommended to plan ahead if you’re interested in seeing this destination, as it can get pretty busy. Avoid the weekends if you can, and if you’re looking to get an up-close view, be prepared to face long lines and heavy crowds, but once you get the perfect picture, you’ll realize how worth it it is! Bring your friends so you can practice your English-speaking skills with your group and other admirers. When you’re thinking of the perfect hashtag for your social media post, you’ll also be able to see what everyone else is using, further utilizing your English comprehension skills.

  • SantaCon, Saturday, December 14th

If you’re interested in a unique holiday celebration, this is an event you should check out. Twenty-somethings all over the city dress up as Santa or elves during the day and frequent select bars throughout Manhattan. It’s fun watching all the Santas travel throughout the streets of the Big Apple. If this doesn’t sound like fun to you (I’m one of those people), this is a good day to hibernate and catch up on your classic Christmas movies. No matter what you do this day, you’ll surely put your learned English skills to use. Be sure to stay warm no matter what you decide!

  • New Year’s Eve Fireworks Dinner Cruise, December 31st

Surely you’re aware of the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration, but standing still for hours on end (without a bathroom!) in the cold isn’t for everyone. If you need something to do with plenty of sights of New York City, be sure to look into the options for this cruise. Not only will you be away from the massive crowds, but you’ll have a beautiful view of the city skyline. Grab your friends and mark your calendar to ring in 2020! No matter what you choose to do to ring in the new year, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to putting your learned English skills to use!

While December in New York City can be a bit on the colder side, the excitement around the holidays will surely keep you entertained and warm. With plenty to do no matter where you go or what holiday you celebrate, December has no shortage of activities. And if you’re trying to put your English skills to use outside of the classroom, you’ll be surrounded by tons of people this month, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to socialize with these people as you marvel at the beauty of the city. Grab your friends, stay warm, and have a wonderful holiday season!

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