As the weather gets warmer and the sun stays out longer, you’re probably ready to get outside and feel the fresh air on your face. You also might find that it’s tough to decide what to do, especially if you’re new to New York City and if you’re still adjusting to the English language. I’m including some great ideas for you to participate in to get outside and mingling with other New Yorkers. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, the best way to practice your English is interacting with other English-speakers! Plus, the weather is gorgeous this time of year, so you’re guaranteed to have a great time! Here are a few springtime activities you can only get in New York City, sure to satisfy your spring fever.

Coney Island

This is a timeless attraction to the New York City population. At the bottom of Brooklyn, this entertainment spot provides an outlet from the hustle of the city, complete with rides, a beach, an aquarium, and endless food and souvenir shops. It’s easy to get to, financially reasonable, and a perfect escape from the speed of the city. When the weather warms and the birds start to chirp, head down to Coney Island with some friends and really soak up the season change! Don’t forget to put yourself out there and introduce yourself to anyone you meet—it’s the perfect opportunity to practice your English! And don’t forget to pick up a legendary hot dog at Nathan’s!

Central Park

This one is almost a no-brainer, as by now you’ve probably been in the park a handful of times already. Spanning dozens of blocks in the heart of Manhattan, there’s plenty to do on a warm, spring day. Rent a bike and spin through the gorgeous scenery. Look into renting a boat on Central Park Lake and take in the skyscraper sights from the center of the park. Check out the Central Park Zoo and make some new furry friends! Or maybe just find a nice spot on the lawn, pull out your favorite book, and relax with words under the sun. The park has maps and signs all over the paths, so you’ll also be able to practice and utilize your English skills, even when you’re having fun! The springtime options are endless!

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This is another perfect springtime activity in New York City. If you’re craving some green and nature in your life after enduring a long and cold winter, head down to Brooklyn for the perfect solution. For scenery that will take your breath away, check out the 200+ cherry trees in the garden, worthy enough for its own Instagram account. If you’re looking for other specific scenes, there are a handful of other specific gardens, sure to appease any cultural taste you’re seeking. The gardens will surely rejuvenate your spirit, and with all the history that comes from each location, you’ll learn something too, all the while you practice your English!

Macy’s Flower Show (3/26-4/9)

This is pretty much the annual New York City kick-off to spring. Every year for two weeks, Macy’s puts on a flower show, a series of arrangements with all sorts of stunning flowers to put you in the springtime spirit! If you’ve got a Saturday afternoon off, head down to Herald Square and check it out. Here’s an English phrase you can try out on someone while you’re there: “What a beautiful day! This display is a perfect way to remind a New Yorker to take a break every once in a while and smell the roses.” This basically means take a break from time to time and just slow down and enjoy the simple things—try it out!

Tribeca Film Festival (4/19-4/30)

Are you looking for a little cinematic culture this spring? Every year, the Tribeca Film Festival takes place in lower Manhattan, highlighting some of the year’s best documentaries and films. As I mentioned in a previous post, watching American films and television is one of the best ways to understand English and its slang, and what better way to pick up on the latest language trends than watching some of the hottest movies of the year? Rich with culture and timeless names, you’ll pinch yourself while you’re there when you realize you’re surrounded by incredible talent and well-recognized names and titles. You’ll leave feeling enriched and perhaps a new English phrase you can take to the streets with you!

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