These activities that I’ve outlined below also offer you the opportunity to put your translation skills to use. Whether it’s reading, listening, watching, or engaging with others around you, the chance to engage with your English skills is all around you!

Don’t let the August heat get you down or deter your excitement about being in the Big Apple. I’m introduced a few activities happening in August that will keep you cool (nighttime in the city can be pleasant and comfortable!) and entertained!

Shakespeare in the Park, Central Park

This is a New York City classic activity, so gather a group of your friends, and invite them to experience one of the most celebrated festivals of the year. Located in Central Park, this event is easy to get to and hard to miss. Plus, since it’s free, you’ll be feeling like you’re getting in on an ultimate and exclusive deal! Until August 13, the park will be performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of Shakespeare’s most popular and well-read publications. Here’s my tip: because this is such a popular destination, be sure to get there early to secure seating—they go quickly! Plus, since it’s a night show, you’ll stay cool. Watching this live performance is another great way to practice your translation skills. I’d also recommend researching the plot before arriving so you at least have a background of the story before arriving—that way, you can focus on the acting and the actual show without having to focus solely on translating!


Jazz Age Lawn Party, Governors Island

This event is another widely celebrated party, as hundreds of people hop on the ferry and head to Governors Island to go back in time to the 1920s and dress like those from the past. Scheduled for August 26th and 27th, this event has fun and timely cocktails, throwbacks to some of the best music from this period, and the best part is seeing everyone dressed in fashions from an era almost 100 years ago! While this event is a bit costly (starts at $55), it’s a great way to get out of the city just for a day and do something totally different. (Just be sure to find a nice tree to hide under if the forecast is calling for high temperatures!) While you’re adjusting to English, this would be an interesting time to jump into this “time machine” and overhear how English was used almost a century ago and hear how it’s changed since then. You’ll either be nostalgic or thankful that we live in 2017!


Sunset Sail Happy Hour

Whether you’re in New York City for the long-term (like me!), or if you’re here temporarily, I highly recommend to everyone that they take a night sail on the Hudson River at least once. It can be breathtaking to view the city at night while you’re on land, of course, but it’s a completely different experience while you’re on the water. Seeing the cityscape from a distance and watching the lights glisten and reflect off the water will make you pinch yourself and make you wonder why anyone would ever leave this place! Plus, the night breeze will make you that much more thankful that you left your apartment for this experience! This particular cruise provides dancing music, light bites and drinks, and even fun, temporary tattoos! Costs vary from $20-$35+ depending on the day that you choose to depart, but ask anyone, and they’ll tell you it’s worth every penny. Marvel at the sights with your friends and others around you, and hear how they express their admiration, and you might pick up a few new English phrases about loving New York City!

Don’t let the heat bring you down—get out there and see what New York City has to offer, even when the days are long and hot. And these activities will keep your brain engaged as you keep practicing your English skills!

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