Part of the New York City experience is being outside and sight-seeing, walking everywhere as much as you can, and taking in the all the beauty the city has to offer. By the time mid-June rolls around, however, you’ll find that the heat starts to feel particularly heavy, and escaping the heat can be tricky, as the subways are stifling, exhaust from cars and buildings seem to make the sidewalks hotter, and of course, walking everywhere can make you sweat more than a car with air conditioning can.

For some great indoor activities that will get you out of the heat and away from the sun, New York City will quickly make you forget about these “dog days of summer” with some of the most classic and creative things to do. Plus, if you’re adjust to the English language, these activities will ensure you’ll get plenty of practice.

central park in summer

  1. Minus5, New York Hilton, Midtown

This is one of those spots that you probably only see on TV, but now, you can make it part of your reality! Made completely of ice, the entire space’s furniture and glasses and even bar is frozen. You’ll forget about that blinding heat the instant you step foot in this bar! Kept at a constant -5 degrees Celsius, this spot will surely cool you down—just don’t forget to bring your jacket for this experience, and be sure to bring your winter English phrases with you for a bizarre flashback! Just don’t order a coffee!

  1. Frames, 550 9th Avenue, Hell’s Kitchen

You can’t ever really go wrong with bowling, so if you’re looking for an activity to get out of the heat, check out this particularly awesome bowling alley—with neon lights that will remind you of the 70s and the leather couches that will keep you comfortable while waiting your turn, you’ll quickly forget about the rising temperatures outside. The fun music, cool drinks, and excellent graphics will keep you entertained for hours. You’ll also get familiar with some English phrases while playing, like “strike,” “spare,” and “turkey.”

  1. Chelsea Piers Sky Rink, Pier 61

You might think that ice skating is just a wintertime activity, but at the Chelsea Piers Sky Rink, you can cool off any time of the year. With skate rentals available, you can make a spur-of-the-moment decision to kill a few hours here. Who knew that ice skating in August was something you could do? You might learn a few tricks on the ice from your buddies, but you’ll also be able to pick up on a few new English phrases while you’re tearing up the ice, like “axel,” “loop,” and “jump.”

  1. Escape the Room, Multiple locations

This new activity is all the rage, and if you’ve never participated in this yet, surely some of your friends have done this. It’s a really creative way to kill some time, have some laughs with friends, exercise your brain, and of course, because this activity requires communication, your English communication skills will be put to the test, so be ready! With only a 60-minute window to “escape the room,” you and your friends will have to work together to solve the puzzles from hidden objects and planted clues.

  1. Hit the movie theatre

This might be an easy solution, but it’s always a great idea if the heat is just simply sucking your energy and you can’t take the summer sun any longer. Luckily, there’s not the slightest shortage in movie theaters in New York City, so the options are endless. Whether you’re looking for the latest summer blockbuster or a throwback indie film, you have hundreds of theaters to choose from. Movie theaters are always pumping the AC to cool you down and make your body feel comfortable and relaxed again. And of course, watching a movie and catching up on pop culture is the perfect chance to exercise your English skills. Maybe check out a film that’s willing to put on closed captioning for you so you can read along while you watch to further cement your vocabulary and enunciation. Some of the biggest movies come out in the summer, so you’re sure to find something that will keep you distracted from the blinding heat for a few hours!

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