Last month, I shared some great ideas for spending time outside in New York City as the sun stays out longer and the temperatures become warmer and more comfortable. Because there really are so many options, I’ve decided to build off a previous post and share more exciting activities for the warm weather!

1. Frieze Art Fair

I wanted to include this one first because this takes place at Randalls Island Park—a destination that I love so much because I think it’s NYC’s best-kept secret. It’s a quick walk via footbridge over the East River, and once you’re there, it’s like being on a private little island, a perfect getaway from the speed of the city—which makes this event at the top of my list. Another great aspect of this event is that it has an international touch to it, displaying artwork from galleries all over the world. You may not need help translating your way through this event if you’re new to the English language!

2. South Street Seaport

This is another one of those locations in New York City that will make you pinch yourself. If you ever feel like you can’t get nature while living in NYC, then you’ve never been to this destination. Because this location is right at the bottom of the island, you have stunning views of the water with your choice of incredible restaurants, unique shops, and pretty spectacular spots to just hang out and chat with your friends. This spot is heavily detailed with signs and directions, so if you’re new to English, it will be simple for you to navigate and provide you time if you need help in translating.

3. Five Boro Craft Beer Fest

If you’re a huge beer fan like me, this should be right up your alley. This is the chance for more than 100 kinds of beers to be exposed to other beer enthusiasts. This is a great opportunity for you to sample all kinds of brews without having to commit to a full 16 oz. glass, and what better way to meet other people that share similar interests? This kind of event garners all kinds of people all over the world, so you will most likely be exposed to other languages other than your own native language and English!

4. Cinco de Mayo

You might hear this phrase starting to come up around the date of May 5th, as it’s a Mexican holiday in which the United States has recognized this date to celebrate Mexican-American culture. This is a great day for many restaurants and bars to whip up their best Mexican-inspired dishes and cocktails. So if you’re in the mood for a killer margarita or some high-quality tacos, this is the perfect time to wander into your local Mexican place—and maybe pick up some Spanish phrases and take a break from learning English for a day!

5. Bacon and Beer Classic

This is one that’s on my personal list of things to do this season. Again, I’m a huge beer fan, and who doesn’t love bacon? Be sure to arrive with an empty stomach and make sure you pace yourself while you wander from sample to sample, trying out the best in bacon and beer. This is another chance to test our your English skills by looking up all the sponsors on social media and joining the hashtag conversations—you might also learn about other spots in the arena that you didn’t even know about!

6. Spring Concerts

As you can imagine, another one of the greatest reasons for living in New York City is the proximity to so many great entertainment venues. Some of the biggest and most celebrated musical talents from all over the world ensure that they include New York City in their tour—they know they’ll guarantee ticket sales in these venues, and they know their fans hail from all over the world, so they’ll get the best of the best in their fan base! Whether you’re looking for a huge venue like Madison Square Garden or if you’re looking for a more intimate arena, like a local bar, you’re sure to find some of the most entertaining musical shows you could ever ask for—and as I mentioned in a previous post, music is one of the best vehicles to practice your English skills!

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