Another one of my absolute FAVORITE things about fall is football season. Since I was little, I was obsessed with the sport and would beg my parents to take me to games. It was odd to them since most girls typically didn’t love football as much as I did, but it just stuck! As I grew up, I found that I somehow fell in love with it even more and realized that my passion for the sport helped make me a lot of friends (and enemies depending on which team the other person liked!), and to this day, the start of football season is the most exciting time of the year to me.

If you’re new to the United States, you may not be too familiar with the sport. In other countries, football is a different sport—they call it football, and we call it soccer, so keep that in mind while you’re doing research on it! Since you’re new to New York City, it might help to know that New York has two major football teams: the New York Giants and the New York Jets. If you remember my post from the spring about baseball and New York’s teams, I discussed how seriously New Yorkers take their fandom, and the same can be said for these two football teams.


For the most part, the majority of the games are played on Sundays from September until the Super Bowl, typically held in the first week of February. Games are sometimes played on Thursdays, Mondays, and even Saturdays on occasion depending on the holiday schedule. You might notice that Sundays in New York City just get a bit louder with everyone wearing their team’s jerseys, chanting their team’s songs, and the combination of cheering and/or booing depending on the game’s outcome. Football is very cherished for New York City, so you’ll notice they take it very seriously. If you need to get up early on Monday mornings, I recommend wearing ear plugs on Sunday nights just in case the fandom carries on into the late evenings!

Because New Yorkers are so vocal about their fandom, this is a great chance for you to pick up on their phrases, how they interact with one another, and their cries of either celebration or defeat following the end of a game. What a great way to practice your English, right? Consider asking your fellow game-watchers about their favorite players, or if you feel comfortable enough with your company, ask them questions about the logistics of the game so you can understand better. Just feel it out—you don’t want to disturb them if they happen to be watching intently!

For your benefit, before you head out there blindly on a Sunday afternoon, here’s a brief rundown of New York City’s two main teams.

New York Giants (colors are blue, red, and white; their logo is a giant G)

Even though the team’s name says New York, their field is actually in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Some of their nicknames are Big Blue, G-Men, and the Jints. Most recently, the team won the Super Bowl in 2011, so some of the hardcore fans are still generally pretty excited about the win. This year, the Giants are prospected to have a decent year. They’re not at their strongest in recent years, but they should have a pretty fulfilling season ahead of them!

New York Jets (colors are green and white; their logo is simply JETS)

Here’s an interesting fact: the Jets and the Giants actually share the same field in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It creates some scheduling conflicts from time to time, but hey, the comradery couldn’t hurt, right? You might over hear people spelling out their name often, like, “J-E-T-S!” since their only nickname is Gang Green. Unfortunately, the Jets haven’t seen the same amount of success as the Giants have, as they have never won a Super Bowl, while the Giants have won 4. The Jets aren’t predicted to have a successful year, as they’ve fallen on some pretty bad luck over the years

Before you think you’re not linguistically skilled enough to head out into public on Football Sundays, just relax and remember that the game itself doesn’t rely on words—it simply relies on the actual movement of the ball between the players. But before you know it, you’ll pick up on it, and soon enough, you’ll be cheering with the rest of them!

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