One of America’s greatest and most popular presidents was born on East 20th Street in New York City.  “Teddy,” as he came to be affectionately known, was in very poor health as a child.  However, he was determined to pursue a vigorous life and he gradually grew strong and vibrant.

PC TECH students took a free tour of his birthplace in Lower Manhattan to learn more about this fascinating politician.

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Students have recently written down their observations about tastes in clothing styles for younger and older people.  Here are some excerpts:

From TK:

Clothes are one of the factors for surviving in this world.  So it is very important that we use our time [wisely] until the last day in this world.

Clothes are just one thing that cover a body, so they’re very important.  But when we die, clothes will not be important anymore.

From Jean:

…But I like all styles, especially in NYC.  Later on, I would like to dress in very glamorous styles.

…It feels weird when I see older people dressing like the young.

From Aya:

I am writing about “cosplayers.”  Cosplayers are people who wear cartoon characters’ costumes.  Many Japanese young people do that; some Americans also.  Many older people don’t like this very much.  [They] ask me, “Why do you do this?”  But I feel that it’s fun.  We just don’t understand each other.

PC TECH: English Language School in New York City


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