Every year, specifically on April 1st, Iraqi people celebrate “April Fool’s”. Many days before, they prepare their tricks. Unfortunately, I [always] forget this day, so I am always an easy victim. But this day is a day of fun and laughter in my country. – Niran, Iraq


In Spain, “April Fool’s Day” is celebrated on December 28th. Newspapers make-up stories, so be careful if you are traveling to Spain [during] Christmas vacations, do not forget about it! Don’t believe everything you [hear] or read that day! – Irene, Spain


At a young age [in] school, I was specialized in playing pranks. The day before April 1st, my friends and I wanted to prepare the greatest trick ever made in our school history. We took a dozen eggs and put them under the teacher’s seat. After a few minutes, the teacher came in and you can imagine how it ended! – Robin, Italy


In Thailand, we also have an April Fool’s Day. We play a trick or [make] a fake story for a joke. For example, last year I played a joke with my friend- I told her I [was] getting married, but in fact, I’m single.- Yhada, Thailand


I’ve been tricked once in camp in California. We had some kind of a bet, which I lost. Accordingly, I woke up with my hair dipped in honey. Then, I had a really hard time washing it out. And the worst part was, the camp was on a big lake, so the amount of insects in my hair was just ridiculous! It was fun, though. – Karyna, Ukraine

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