By this time of the year, the New York winter begins to feel never ending. So, to get over our collective depression, we went to a cozy bar to have a few drinks and shoot the breeze (or simply “talk,” one of the students’ favorite idioms). The trip also offered the students a chance to try the famous IPA beers that are popular here in the States. Luckily it was also happy hour, so no one had to worry about their finances to have the chance to lighten their mood. Soda Bar’s back room looks something like a living room; it is full of comfy chairs, couches and coffee tables. If any student ever felt shy in the classroom setting, stretching out in a “living room” among friends certainly opens everyone up. And not only did we chat among ourselves! After a few rounds we were filled with the necessary confidence to go and chat with some strangers and so we met some local New York City teachers! The trip certainly warmed our spirits and by the time we left we had all learned new things about each other’s cultures and personal interests.

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