As a PC TECH Level 2 writing assignment, Kohei from Japan tells us about his experience in a Los Angeles traffic accident:

I had a car accident in LA two weeks ago.

I was driving on a highway [when] suddenly I felt an impact from behind.  It was like an explosion.  I looked behind my rental car; one car had crashed with another.

I called the police, but the offender had escaped because I think he had some problem with drinking with drinking or something else illegal.

Afterwards I had to go to a hospital and get a medical examination, but I didn’t have any injuries.  It’s a very [bad] memory!

Simone from Brazil offers her opinions about commercialism:

            It’s a fact [that] people are never satisfied with what they have; they always want something more or something different.  And [whose] fault is it?  Who is guilty?

The problem is our society because we are living in a world where TV, newspapers, and Internet [tell] us what we need and what we don’t need to buy.

All the companies don’t care if their products are good and if their products have a long life; the just care to [make] money…

Don’t let [the] aggressive advertising [used by] their companies manipulate you because it’s what they do.  Let’s try to be satisfied with what we have.  I think it’s a good way to be happy.

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