My Ideal Job January 22, 2014

Students come to PC TECH to improve their English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  Many times this can lead to rewarding jobs and careers.  (Bigger salaries may or may not be the result.)

Kevin from Normandy, France loves music and would like a career in that field:

Since I was young, I have been playing keyboard and guitar.  I also learned how to sing and rap.  I would like to be an artist.  It requires a lot of training and talent.  Maybe I have it, but I think I can be better as an artist.

[Actually] I really want to be a producer, working in a recording studio, meeting with other artists, composing music, and becoming the greatest producer in France!  If I became a great producer, I can produce for myself.  Obviously if I make enough money, I will do a lot of business around the world.Teacher

Souleymane from Burkina Faso is already a teacher and shares these thoughts.  [He is a math teacher in his country] :

My ideal job is teaching for many reasons.

Teaching means sharing.

It means sharing knowledge and experience; sharing culture between teacher and student.

When we teach, we learn because we have to study more.

Teaching can earn a high salary and it’s not dangerous.

For these reasons, my ideal job is teaching.

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