???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????“There are no seasons in Colombia, therefore we don’t have holidays celebrating [the] summer or fall. However, two of the most important holidays in Colombia are celebrated during the two months of July and August. The 20th of July marks the independence of Colombia from Spain and the 7th of August marks an important battle that settled the independence for Colombia and other South American countries.”

-Camila Ruiz Diaz

“[At] the end of summer and coming of fall there is a Chinese festival, [the Mid-Autumn, or Moon Festival]. In this festival, all people eat moon cake…For this day, all people don’t work. We will meet family or friends and go to the restaurant to enjoy this time. We are relaxed for this festival.”

-MaoMao Zheng

“[In Japan] we have a very important holiday, Obon, on August 15th. We believe our dead family [comes] back home during Obon, but recently, some Japanese people think it is just a holiday- they don’t believe that situation… My opinion is [Obon] is just a holiday because I can meet my friends.”

-Daiki Kubo

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