Much of student writing this week has been focusing on etiquette on public transportation in various countries.  Since PC TECH has students from five continents, we find out that there are many cultures with as many different traditions regarding what is considered good manners. 

Chae gives us some examples from South Korea: 

Most Korean people are accustomed to using public transportation, going to work by bus, train, plane, taxi.  It seems like a part of life for everybody.  Anyone who has taken public transportation knows how annoying some other people can be.  Also the lifestyle has changed  a lot faster than before.  For this reason, we have to [observe] rules of etiquette to make the trip more enjoyable for all:

First, we have to offer our seat to an elderly person.  Students who offer their seats to the elderly  – as well as pregnant women and the handicapped – can be found every time.

Second, we try not to spend our ride home on the phone.   Of course, everybody can use their phones, but they do not speak loudly.

Third, people who have a lot of bags need help.  We try to assist them.  Someone who is sitting should offer to hold their bags.  We understand that most Americans would not like this idea.

Nowadays, Koreans have a lot of transportation problems.  For example, someone put on YouTube a video of people fighting on the subway.  People made an issue of how they do not have proper etiquette.  However, before doing that, we try always to keep in mind that we are not the only persons [in the world].

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