April Fools’ Day April 15, 2016


April Fools’ Day

It’s tradition in a number of Western countries for people to play pranks on each other every April 1st. This is known as April Fools’ Day. Historians believe that it probably began in 1582 when Pope Gregory XIII issued a decree requiring Europe to switch to a new calendar (which later came to be known as the Gregorian calendar). Under the old calendar (the Julian calendar), New Year’s Day was April 1st. The Gregorian calendar moved it to January 1st. But some people didn’t get the memo and continued celebrating on April 1st. They were known as April Fools and were mocked and ridiculed; people began to play tricks on them. The tradition spread and became a general day of pranks. These days it is common for friends and coworkers to make up stories and play jokes on each other. 

Famous April Fools’ Day Hoaxes:

  • ·         In 1957, a BBC News broadcast reported a bumper crop for Spaghetti trees in Switzerland. The report featured images of a family harvesting spaghetti and saying “there’s nothing like real, home-grown spaghetti.”
  • ·         In 1962, a Swedish broadcaster told viewers that they could view their black and white televisions in color by covering them in a pair of stockings.
  • ·         In 1998, Burger King advertised a new “Left-Handed Whopper” cheeseburger designed especially for those who are left-handed. Thousands came to their restaurants to request the fictional sandwich.


So exercise your imagination to think of a funny prank and join in the tradition this year. But just remember not to go too far… April Fools’ jokes should be funny not mean.

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