Script-Writing in NYC January 10, 2014

A future Broadway script writer perhaps, a PC TECH student has put together a rather imaginative script.  Notice the informal style in the frequent use of slang and expressive punctuation.

The writer imagines a dream connected with a TV show:

3:00 AM.  Still awake, I’m watching this odd show on TV…

Robin: Finally, I found you, Jerry!  Do not even try to run away this time.  Give me my money back.  You owe me ten dollars.  Give it [to me] now.

Jerry:  Come on, dude!  I’ll give you your money back, so relax.  Here… Take a [piece of] candy.

R:  Don’t scam me with your candy again.  This is the tenth time you gave me your candy; you find an excuse to flee.


J:  Hey, I’m not a swindler.  Please take it, my friend.  I know you like these candies.  So as you said, I owe you ten dollars, right?

R:  Yes… Go ahead.

J:  Alright, so it’s the tenth [piece of] candy I gave you.  These candies cost $1.50 each, so now you owe me five dollars.  Give it to me now, dude!  Don’t turn [away]…give it now!

R:  But…I thought this candy was free.  You know what?  Forget about it!

J:  [No way!]  If you don’t give me five dollars, I’ll call the police, Robin.

R:  OK OK…Here’s your money.  Please take it.  Don’t call the police.

J:  Alright… I’m really upset about your behavior.  You can’t scam me, dude.  Now get out of my way, swindler!

 PC TECH: English Language School in New York City

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