October 16, 2013


PC TECH students in Level 2 have been writing about group games that they enjoy.  These could be sports or board games or multi-player video games.  Here is an example:


Kevin from France tells us:


There are several games I like to play in a group:  soccer, basketball, etc.  But besides those games I prefer video games.  My favorite game is Call of Duty.  It’s a “shooting” game.  You can play alone, with friends, or online.


There are three different modes:  The first is named “Arcade.”  It’s the story of your character.


The second mode is “Multiplayer.”  In this mode you can play with many friends or strangers everywhere in the world.  This mode requires a good network.


The last mode – and the best for me – is the “Zombie” mode.  It’s a survival mode where you can use a lot of weapons to kill Zombies.


When I was in France, I used to play this game with my friends.  It’s a good game to test your friends; for example, if a Zombie kills you, your friends can save you.  I remember when I played this game that [nobody] saved me because they knew I would be “dead” the next second.


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