Making New Friends August 18, 2014

English language learners discover that sharing classes together at PC TECH is a fine way to develop friendships with an international flavor.  Here are some common-sense tips for forming new relationships:

Every person has the need to communicate with other people. We all need someone whom we can trust, share our secrets, and be close when we need help.  Those people we call friends.  With those whom we have been friends with since the childhood, we know how to behave and what to talk about.  Despite that, sometimes we need to expand our social circle: meet new people and become friends with them.  However, without knowing the basic rules of communication with new people, we might fail to realize our needs.  Therefore, in order to make friends with someone, you should remember several rules that will help you to succeed and establish good relationships with people.

First of all, you should be a good listener.  People who have the ability to listen usually make friends very easily.  Being a good listener means to listen and to hear what the other person tells you.  This is a very important part of  good communication. By paying attention to a person’s words and asking questions based on what you hear shows that you are really interested in conversation.  Also it will give you an opportunity to know a person better, because people love to talk about themselves when they are listened to.

Another very good tip for making friends is having a good sense of humor.  People who have this great ability have always been found attractive.  If a person can make you smile when you want to cry, isn’t he or she the one who is considered a good friend?  Of course, yes.  No matter how people are attractive physically, if they have a good sense of humor, they will always be interesting.

The third very important rule is body language.  We express our feelings by using nonverbal communication.  Sometimes this type of communication has more value than the words you say.  When having a conversation, people look into each other’s eyes, perceive the tone of voice, intonation, facial expression, and gestures. If you are invited to a party, don’t fold your arms or stay in the corner or the back of the room.   Don’t look troubled and disinterested, because this will alienate people from you.

One of the most important parts of nonverbal communication is a smile.  It has always been associated with openness, happiness, and kindness.  “Friendship starts with a smile,” as is sung in an old Russian song.  And this is absolutely true.  So don’t forget to smile!


And the last very important tip is just being a good friend.  If someone close to you needs your help or a shoulder to cry on, be there, be next to him or her.  Pay attention to this person and perhaps very soon you will find a friend who will help you in return.  People often say that you start knowing your real friends when you get into trouble.  This is true.  You always expect someone to help and simply support you.

In conclusion, making new friends is a very important part of our lives.  We need friends to help us feel more safe, happy, and calm. Real friendship is a gift, and true friends are those who reflect us.  So before considering expanding your social circle by making new friends, you should ask yourself if these people are those with whom you really want to become friends. Think about it.  And if yes, use these simple rules that will help you to succeed.

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