A Strong and Powerful Woman August 13, 2014

Tamila, one of PC TECH’s staff, shares her affectionate thoughts about her grandmother:

“Women have always been the strong ones of the world.”

— Coco Chanel.

For many generations the world has been ruled by women. Only we know how much power we have inside.  How strong we are.  In my family, one of the best examples of a strong and powerful woman is my grandmother Rosa.

Remembering all difficult moments in her life that she had been through, I am still wondering how she found enough strength for all this.  My grandmother was born in 1932.  When World War II began, she was only nine years old.  Her father went to war, and after that she never saw him again.  When she was twelve years old, she started work in a hospital.  It was at that time that she met my grandfather. They got married when she was fourteen.  And later she gave birth to four beautiful children.  One of them was my mother.  Everything seemed to be perfect, but my grandfather died in a car accident.  It was a very hard time for Rosa; suddenly she was left alone with four kids.  She was uneducated, so it was impossible for her to find a better job.  Sometimes there were days when they didn’t have anything to eat.  But Rosa never gave up.  Later, with her friends’ help, she finished professional nursing courses, got her license, and opened a small private clinic, which became very busy.  It saved her family.  She had always been a hard worker. But working all day in her clinic, she never forgot about her children.  She gave them all her love and warmth. They grew up as wonderful people.

Now my grandmother is 80 years old.  And she is one of the most energetic people that I have ever seen!  She got married a second time ten years ago.  She exercises every morning, eats healthy food, and takes dance classes.  Looking back on her life, she has no regrets to what she went through. “Sometimes life is hard,” she says, “but you always have to stay strong.” And every time I see how she smiles, I believe her.

Tamila's Grandmother

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