By Janne Kallinen – Level 5 ( With minor edits by NYEA)

Why not? Just kidding. Actually when I was a young boy my neighbors had a bunch of turkeys for a few years. During the first month the turkeys were small and pretty cute. After several months the turkeys grew up bigger and bigger. Also their behavior changed a lot, they start to act more aggressively and I would say they were rude. You couldn’t enter their territory anymore safely because they attacked you immediately. They had developed strategies how to peck our hands if we were offering food for them from our hands. Once happened an accident when my little brother went by himself to the turkeys’ cage to feed them. Unluckily, he offered seeds for the turkeys directly from his hand, so that the turkeys could peck seeds from his hand. The turkeys start to peck my little brother’s hand so strongly that his hand was bleeding when he came back from the turkey cage. After this accident all of the neighborhood children were asked to stay away from the turkeys. My neighbors apologized to my parents for what happened to my little brother. It was an accident which could happen to everyone because we didn’t know how dangerous it was to feed the turkeys by hand directly. In conclusion, turkeys don’t make such a great pet experience. I would rather just eat them.

Happy Thanksgiving day!

thanksgiving turkey with attitude cartoon style clipart

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