Getting Around in Barcelona August 25, 2014

Two of our PC TECH students from Barcelona give their suggestions for riding public transportation in that corner of the world.  [Their teacher has done some correcting and editing]:

Ramon:   If you go by bus in Barcelona, you read as you enter, “Please don’t disturb the driver.”  After that, if you don’t have a bus card, you can buy a ticket from the driver.  This is not normal:  you are disturbing the driver.  Sometimes the driver gives you change while driving.

In the bus, your behavior must be polite.  Don’t speak loudly, don’t litter, don’t make other riders uncomfortable.

Going by bus is more interesting than by subway.  You can see the streets with the  monuments [e.g. statues].

In the past, if you wanted the bus to stop, you said something to the driver.  Now there is  a “ring” to stop the bus.  It is more quieter and more polite.

Pets aren’t permitted without a [container] and without a ticket too.  Both [carry] a big penalty.


Anton:   In my country, there are different ways to move around in the city where you are.  I will explain these ways – more or less – in the most famous city in my country – Barcelona.

There are two principal ways to move through the city: subway or bus.  You should choose one of these.

If you want to travel quickly, you should take the subway.  But if not, you could take a bus.  If you take the second option, you will enjoy the sights of the city.

Both methods are good.  You will find people with good manners wherever you go.  Sometimes you can find an impolite person, as in any country.  But in general, the people of Barcelona are very polite.

Finally, if you don’t like either of these options, you can always take a taxi.  But of course, the price will not be the same!

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